CLOSED B/C politics. Mail in ballots? Do you have any more doubts now?

Besides the frauds here is what’s to come if we rely on a mail in ballot voting process.

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It’s not really possible to talk about this specific issue without getting into politics.


You should read some non-Fox news. Easy to figure out what’s going on–unless you don’t want to know.


Mail-in voting is fine. I’m not going to demonstrate why by providing links from nonpartisan sites or discussing how many states and advanced nations have been doing it for years because it’s next to impossible to avoid politics. The post directly above mine pretty much says it all.


100% going to get into politics… I’m going leave it at youre wrong.

I just realized I replied to you Sam… You are not wrong.

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This has nothing to do with politics. This is a technical issue.
Posting a FOXNEWS article?
Mike the article’s origin comes from?
" The U.S. Postal Service has sent letters warning 46 states and the District of Columbia that it can not guarantee all ballots cast by mail will arrive in time to be counted in the November election, the Washington Post reported"
Yes, the Washington Post.

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Respectfully, ballots and voting are about elections and elections are political by nature if not by definition.
This seems outside the bounds of the invitation our hosts have requested. And in my best Forest Gump
voice, that’s all I have to say about that.

I voted by mail for years in the military.

It’s fine.

It allowed me to cast my vote in my home state of Texas.

I dig it.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.


We’ve voted by mail in/absentee ballot since we retired. Highly recommend it and the only way I’d vote this year with COVID. I’ll add a 55 cent first class stamp to the ballot to insure proper handling. I bought a new roll of 55 cent stamps for anyone I know who needs one to insure their vote counts, regardless of how they vote. The more votes cast the better our democracy works.



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Sam, as you are aware my stepdaughter has jut written and released a book on the history of voting in the US. She spent over two years of research and although voter “fraud” was not the central focus, her findings were like those other studies, voter fraud has been minimal. As to mail-in voting specifically, both red and blue states have utilized it.

Once again, the only significant case of voter fraud occurred in North Carolina in 2018


So you 100% dismiss what the USPS is saying?
They are not equipped to handle tens of millions of ballots. This is not FOXNEWS reporting this. They carried the story from the Washington Posy.
I will ask all of you that thinks mail in voting is fine the following question:
Since the USPS can’t guarantee mail in ballots to arrive on time are you willing to postpone the election result to an indefinite date?
You can’t have it both ways.

The only effective way to get people to vote on time is to open ten or twenty folds the amount of polling places that we had before. There are thousands of empty buildings that will make this work. That ways it is safe and effective.
God knows there are enough lawyers (on both side) that will make these polling “stations” official.
You really care about your vote and have a six to ten feet safe space? Yes that is the way to do it.

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Didn’t you bring this up last week and were making up your own facts to try to make your point? Why are you trying to push this agenda?

Edit: and are we supposed to trust our easily hackable ballot machines?


Here in Colorado we have drop off boxes you can use. Groovy cool. Why can’t these other states do that. Sad when you have a government that cannot handle the simplest of problems. Come on 46 get on board. And yes every envelope has a signature. Vote ahead of time and not worry about voting day’s weather, virus, or idiots.

Pray that my greed be healed and ignorance be enlightened.


Fauci says in person voting is as safe as going to the grocery store which obviously should be the case.

USA AG is concerned that how mail-in ballots are being handled and processed by states will lead to undermining confidence in the results.

Barr states that mail-in voting could lead to a ‘high risk’ of fraud

Considering the Chinese and the Russians are trying to influence our elections, certainly reason for concern and prevention.

I’m sure he’s very concerned, seeing as how he, his boss, and the toadie who’s now Postmaster General are the ones leading the charge to undermine the process and confidence in the results.


The post office can’t handle millions of mailed in ballots but can handle 1.3 billion Christmas cards mailed each year? But if you remove key automated sorters in major cities, you make it harder on the USPS.


The Chaos in New York Is a Warning

What a freakin mess!

I know this, I am going to the poll like I have for years to make sure my vote counts.
That said I have no problem for disabled or military folks voting by mail in.
Folks go to stores, restaurants, peewee ball games, protests etc so I think everyone will just be fine showing an ID and voting.
To make this non political I hope everyone votes