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How the NFL’s $100 billion TV deal impacts college football, Pac-12 (

Relevant portion:

“I’d bet it’s a 50 percent increase,” one analyst said. “People will make big bets on the Big Ten.”


Other conferences are waiting for their turn at the negotiating table: The Big Ten’s current media rights expire in 2023; the Pac-12’s contracts with Fox and ESPN are up in 2024; and the Big 12’s deals conclude in 2025.

All three are counting on massive paydays to keep pace with the SEC and support athletic department budgets that are certain to come under greater stress in the post-pandemic world.

Except their current and future broadcast partners have billions less to spend after locking up deals with the NFL that begin in 2023.

If the leagues increase payouts double that would put the BIG in the mid 80’s or higher per year. Im sure the SEC would be similar and the PAC/ACC/XII all about 30% behind.

There is absolutely no way we get in after these contracts are signed (no G5 schools adds that amount of money). The next 2-3 years are critical.

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You realize this last Superbowl was THE lowest watched in the last 14 years right? That’s a little more than a drop in the ocean.


The dollars say otherwise

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I mean just because they are getting money doesn’t mean that people are watching the nfl. You’d be surprised at the number of things on TV that no one watches that continue to get huge contracts because they support someone’s narrative on some issue. If anything this just shows narratives are more important than ratings in this day and age.


Not really a done up narrative, even down Like they were their ratings are simply untouchable by any measure. Tthat’s why they get paid yeah the fake outrage is spitting in the ocean by any empirical measure that the folks cutting checks care about.

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Once again the lowest rated Superbowl in 14 years is not a drop in the ocean. There is no way you can argue that. Your argument that there ratings are untouchable is purely subjective as it depends on what you base it against.

Even though ratings we’re only down 7% you can’t say it is only a drop in the ocean and your argument that there is no empirical measure for it is just flat wrong.

But none of that is the problem but in fact a deflection from the real truth. The real truth is the NFL could literally have no one watching and ESPN would still pay them huge sums of money. Why? 1. Because it’s their money and they can do what they want and 2. Because the narrative that the NFL supports is also supported by very powerful people with LOTS of money.

I would bet my life savings that these people would rather see an NFL with no fans that continue support their narrative survive even if it means throwing tons of money at it rather than the alternative happen. The same goes for ESPN. They know they can get away with throwing money at the NFL because the people in power will never allow them to fail.


There empirical measures are all out there[quote=“The_Coog, post:9, topic:28649”]
of money. Why? 1. Because it’s their money and they can do what they want and 2. Because the narrative that the NFL supports is also supported by very powerful people with LOTS of money.

Yes it’s all a narrative by the powerful, spooky, powers that lie in the shadows. That’s asinine and a fantasy story for people who dislike the truth. Maybe the fact that even down 7 percent the ratings gap grew between the NFL to any of it’s competition, or 48 out of 50 top rated broadcasts were NFL games. The NFL runs TV more than other singular entity. It’s why they get 113 billion dollars

“NFL TV Ratings: “The Other Sports Have Stopped Competing with the NFL” In Terms of TV Viewership | The SportsRush” NFL TV Ratings: "The Other Sports Have Stopped Competing with the NFL" In Terms of TV Viewership - The SportsRush

Which means if you have the NFL on your network you’re making money. It’s why for all the talk out of a different division, the Murdoch’s sat the F down and shut the F up and got on board. Plus that’s how they get to play both sides and win twice.

Listen of the non watchers of the NFL want to take credit for that 7% decline that’s fine that is their business, heck I’ll even upgrade it to a dinging. But the contract, the rating data and show ranking all show the same thing there is no spooky shadow narrative or prop up the NFL is the TV king Ave it’s not particularly close by any way currently measurable.


Bro I’m not sure why you have such a hard time believing that people would throw money at something just because they agree with what their preaching. Hell you can translate the same argument to tons of other TV shows or even other scenarios. Religion is a great example.

Another good example was there was a third party 2020 presidential candidate that got about 4,000 votes yet the candidate got almost $600,000 in donations. Anyone with even half a brain would know this guy had no chance of winning squat so why would anyone give him so much money? The answer is simple, the people who donated to him agreed with his views and showed their support with their money.

There are plenty of examples in politics alone where you could argue people may as well have literally burned money for a candidate who had no chance of winning. So why would it be a stretch with sports?

You try to minimize it like its some conspiracy which is… weird… But the reality is simply people who support something know that money is the best way to show support.

A final example for you, there used to be a show on TV that quite literally no one watched. Yet PETA would throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at this show because it supported their views on animal rights. While most people would say it’s a stupid waste of money in PETA’s mind the message was simply too important.

My point is that ratings for the most part are no longer the primary factor in wether to give something ALOT of money. And there are just simply to many points of evidence to support this that no one can ignore it. I may agree with the NFL for the most part but even I can recognize what is going on.

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Here’s the thing… And I do recommend you find a leg store for something to stand on here, because you don’t have anything especially but anything that would be considered “evidence”. For everything you said the only thing that is actually evidence is the correct pointing out of the 7% decline everything else at best is a tangent I guess to prove people will throw money at this that don’t produce, which is true but not really relevant here.

The NFL doesn’t get lots of money because people support it’s narrative or anything like that or convinced people to believe anything. It gets it’s crap ton of money because when it goes to the networks it can demonstrably and consistently show that it puts more eyeballs on TV’s than anything else in the US and it’s not close. Could that change? Sure, but right now the NFL in terms of TV is the by far undisputed champion.


I mean you conveniently left out the part where the biggest game in the NFL had the lowest ratings in 14 years that’s a really big piece of evidence. But despite that the NFL still got a huge raise. That alone is evidence that a huge drop in the biggest game of the year was not enough to scare ESPN

I would bet my life savings that NFL could lose 50% of its ratings this year and ESPN would not care, why? Because narratives are more important than viewership.


If the NFL lost half it’s viewers… By the averages would put it on par with the most popular scripted and reality shows currently airing. “SNF slipped to a 4.7 (down 20 percent), and Fox’s Thursday games came in at 3.9 (down 13 percent). Three shows — Grey’s Anatomy, The Masked Singer and This Is Us — are tied for the non-football lead with 2.3 ratings. That’s 41 percent smaller than the Thursday Night Football average and less than half that of Sunday Night Football.”

That’s how big on TV the NFL if you took half it’s viewership right now in a bad year for viewership no less it’s still a top 5 broadcast. Like the Super Bowl you point to as the canary in the coal mine is still the most watched event of the year by tens of millions if you cut it in half

That’s why they get a huge raise not because of some narrative that these believers are propping up out of faith as you propose. But because even in bad years like this last year was for the season and the super bowl they are far and away the most valuable property on tv. And unless something radically changes probably remains so.


I watch the NFL out of pure habit built up by many years of being head over heals in love with the Oilers.

I turn the vast majority of the games off at half time because they are just so boring.

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But that doesn’t change the fact that the NFL remains the single highest rated sport on TV.

As long as it’s #1, and that isn’t likely to change in the near future, it’ll continue to get big contracts.

Were Super Bowl ratings down this year?


But were they still number one?

All right then.


NFL is the most and consistent eyeballs even if it is dropping. In the era of cord cutting and streaming they are the safest bet for traditional tv. I doubt the networks are losing money. That would make zero sense. Perhaps NFL was wildly profitable for them before and now it is just less profitable but still a money maker.

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It may have been the lowest rated superbowl, but it has been an unprecedented year. It is a data point but not a pattern yet, if it keeps happening it is a different story.

As others have pointed in the age of dropping viewership of traditional TV the NFL consistently delivers viewers.

@The_Coog doesn’t care about facts. He cares about his narrative… the irony is hilarious. He also doesn’t understand math. Just because one game has its worst ratings in 14 years doesn’t matter if all other TV shows have an even bigger decline. People need to advertise and are going to want to pay for the place that has the most eyeballs. Despite the decline, NFL is still by far the largest set of eyeballs.

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Yeah I get that they want that SJW, wokeness of ESPN narrative is the only reason they for this deal, and that it wasn’t earned. Or that the NFL needs to take notice of their “Un-Amurican” activities or they will lose enough viewers to make a difference. The contract and the ratings numbers all prove this to be pretty false.

Now if he would’ve dug a bit there are some concerning trends on the horizon for the NFL… For it’s next contracts. But I’m also not in the habit of under cutting my own arguments wherever I can help it. He wants to make a data driven point he can find it.


He’s just mad DoD wasn’t getting their money’s worth for their pay for patriotism program.


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