CMA Presser 10/16

I take it the turnout was a little light today given JD’s comments.

I have a feeling that they were told there were certain questions not to ask and so many didn’t bother showing up. JD didn’t bother to ask the question because he knows the answer is “all positions are open for competition every week.”

The one thing that was made clear. Applewhite was the player caller the last two years and Brian is the play caller this year.

It was made clear that Johnson calls the plays but Applewhite has input after each series. I interpreted that as to say Applewhite is more or less giving feedback and possibly instruction as to whether to run or pass the ball. Clearly when we ran the ball multiple times in a row with around 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, Johnson was given feedback that we needed to run the ball; otherwise he would be disregarding Applewhite’s feedback.


11 sophomores and freshmen in the 2-deep.

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Doesn’t matter. The offense was only productive the last 2 years because of Greg Ward.

I honestly cannot see any difference with the exception of having Ayers at receiver the first year of Herman’s reign.

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Statistically , UH can still win the west.

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After the disastrous QB play at Tulsa, everyone is too timid to ask about the QB play, really.

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This guy is like a rug on valium. Someone give him a Red Bull.


I don’t see passion for UH, nothing.

JD did ask in the postgame and was given the quote about poor decisions and poor throws that made it sound like no change is coming this week. JD probably also knows that CMA isn’t going to answer depth chart questions as he hasn’t all year.

Otherwise, sounded like the only others there today were TOS guy and maybe a Daily Cougar guy and those two weren’t exactly brimming with questions (hence, the remark from JD about just doing the interview in CMA’s office as he was basically asking all the questions).

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which explains our teams energy on the field…

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To anyone who is still awake after listening to this: Are there any doubts as to what is wrong with this football team? How can he motivate anyone? Absolutely no emotion or energy. Sad.

Sigh…are we really down to the point of going after a coach that’s answering questions for three “reporters” in an empty room on a Monday morning to try and determine whether that coach can motivate players.

I get not liking the guy, but come on.


During the Spring, CMA was good because he was not always yelling and was instead coaching the kids. He was a competitor and did not need to have a circus. Lose to Texas Tech and Tulsa and now he is too calm and needs fire in his belly. Just an observation…

I am disappointed with the Tulsa loss too but the guy is still 4-2 this season so I am not ready to give up on the season or this coaching staff. I expected struggles on offense if Orlando was hired and struggles on defense if CMA was hired so the performance so far on offense has been puzzling but I am hoping they can right the ship and salvage a 7-4 type season.


There is a difference between hysterical self-promotion and passion. Added along with too many similarities with CTL. Just like losing to UTSA in the opener of the new stadium and the loss to Tulane, and last season’s loss to SMU, some losses are worse than others. Tulsa was a ‘signature loss’ and the reason why so many are really unhappy.

Coogfans have a right to be unhappy with the loss to Tulsa. It is a game that most, if not all, rightfully expected to win. Almost every program is going to have disappointing losses – if they become a habit, then there’s a problem. Wash St lost to Cal, Clemson lost to Syracuse, OU lost to Iowa St… there is so much parity in college football that you had better be prepared to play every game and it looked like the Coogs thought they could show up and win against Tulsa.

For me, what I don’t buy into is trying to look for signs that a coach is not the right guy based on a press conference after a loss with only 1 reporter asking questions and fewer than probably 5 people in the entire room. Maybe CMA was the wrong pick or maybe he was the right pick – judging after 6 regular season games is a little quick. I am glad that the UH football standards are high enough now that people expect more from the program than in the past but I guess with those expectations come more extreme views on the state of the program. It is what it is I guess.


Some people still miss Daddy Herman…even tho they “despise” him.


Oddly, I remember folks complaining about Hermie’s demeanor in the Monday morning press conference as well. He wasn’t usually energetic during those things either and was a bit surly after losses.

Sumlin wasn’t a fan of them and usually came off gruff and surly even after wins.

Briles wasn’t exactly great at these things.

Pardee was never an energetic guy and fans/media complained about his bland personality when he was an Oilers coach. (His son, Ted, is the complete opposite).

Folks actually liked Levine’s personality at these conferences…well…until the losses started happening. He still looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at most of them until it got near the end.

Helton was another that could put on a face during his press conferences and turn on the charm, but could also be bland and surly too.

Dimel was boring and out of his league.

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im not basing my statement of him being low energy off of this one interview. I never thought he was the right guy for the job, period. When they announced they were hiring him as HC I was immediately concerned that he would bring with him a boring, low energy style of football and so far, I havnt seen anything to make me think otherwise.