Coach in Waiting?

So watching replay of fame and they said the coaches son is the coach in waiting? When was that announced?

Last year


Thanks. Guess I was hibernating.

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You weren’t hibernating, just dozing at inopportune times.


Anyone notice Coach Sampson is not doing the post game radio interviews anymore. Kellen did yesterday.Quannas the game before.

Did Coach finally tire of the Big E’s ten minute questions that really aren’t questions? :-).


I have noticed that but if you listen to Kellen he talks exactly like his dad.

I know right? They even use the same analogies and terms. If they didnt tell you, you would think are listening to Kelvin. Well we now know that the team is not goin to change in its terminology when Kellen takes over.

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I love Big E, but he’s awful on the radio. I’d rather have a lesser-known former player who can give us better and more coherent information than to just run Hayes out there because he’s Elvin Hayes.


Reid Gettys!

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I think Jeremy and the Big E have a good thing going. Elvin is knowledgeable about the game and calls it as he sees it. Post game questions are not his strength but his in-game insights are interesting.


I would like to see Kellen more involved in end of game strategy. Against UCONN, in a tight game he was in the background blowing bubbles.

I never saw any bubbles. Besides, he is not the HC and it is not his place to be directing the team at end of games. I don’t really know exactly what all Kellen does or is responsible for, but he is doing as directed by CKS. BTW, can you show me any assistant coach on any team that is directing the team at the end of games? I can’t recall ever seeing that.


When I listen to the Big E - I, too, found it frustrating. But then I remember who it is - just how singular a figure Mr. Hayes is in the history of not just UH - but college basketball, and I think one could argue in the advance of race relations in our part of the world. When I began to accept it for what it - and realize that I am literally listening to a legend - I find my affection outweighs my frustration.


I don’t know…who is Penny’s lead assistant …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!

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Please don’t get angry as I LOVE what’s going on with UHBB. Kellen often looks like a deer in the head lights. He may not be, but looks that way. I would like to see him more involved.

I have no proof…but I do get a feeling that Kellen is responsible for more of UH’s success than many realize. Kellen is Kelvin’s legacy (extended). There’s no way he’s setting him up to fail…just like there’s no way he’s setting up his players to fail. There’s a well thought-out plan in place…and when all is said and done, we’ll look at back in amazement at what this University will have achieved. Patience grasshopper(s). Patience.


I think Kellen is heavily involved in recruiting and responsible for uncovering some of our better players.


Big E drinking game - take a drink every time he uses the word “really”

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Straight to alcohol poisoning!


I enjoy Big E on the radio broadcasts. It’s noticeable when he’s not there for some road games. He has just the right amount of homer in him, and he’s color commentary, so that’s cool. My favorite broadcast team of all time was MNF in the 80’s with Frank Gifford, Joe Namath and O.J. Namath and O.J. were on another plain with their crazy commentary (meaning just over the top crazy/not making sense), with Gifford trying to right the ship every few minutes. It was glorious. That was, of course, before The Troubles with The Juice.