Coach Prime Spring Game

31 degrees, snowing, huge crowd.

Prime Time is amazing


…but…but…I thought the Spring game only matters to the Alabama types…which we will never be

We should officially change the name of our University to UE

The University of Excuses

Our coach just did NOT care


I bet Prime’s admin doesn’t tell him to stay in his lane. Just coach football.

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Don’t look very good to me.

CU possibly had more at its spring game than any other school.

Glad we are rolling with the status quo!!

So much excitement in the air.


Season tickets would be at max capacity if he was here.

Standing room only for every game. Don’t matter who it is.

But, hey. We got Dana.

The master of, “I ain’t taking responsibility for that”.


If…if…if…we didn’t already have a coach we owe a zillion bucks to and no one can or will pay off.
I wish we had a new baseball and softball coach but apparently there is not enough money to even do that.
I can only do my part and I plan on being at every home game, hype or no hype


Colorado’s Spring Game is like a great appetizer when you came to your favorite restaurant for the main course.

I’ll judge by the main course, not the appetizer.


Herb mentality.


I will still go to Red Lobster just for the biscuits. Lol

But, yes. The entree still has to be edible. Fair point.


Whew, now that the CU/Prime spring game has happened the Pac can finalize their media deal

In context, I bet Holgo actually brought something up and was then told to stay in his lane. He pretty much said “there’s other people that can do those jobs so I just have to focus on what I can”

Wow! CU fans showed up big time. This was a great business investment. If he’s successful, it could turn out to be the best business investment CU ever made.

CU spring game video


Think there’s a Steak48 NIL deal in the works

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CDH’s buyout could have happened.

Not landing Prime was a giant missed opportunity to jetison our program to new heights.

Prime would have been HC at a P5 school IN Texas!

The windfall alone, due to the increased interest, would almost pay for CDH’s buyout alone…just compare the revenue generated/not genetated by the two Spring Games.

Colorado- packed house, excitement and interest

Houston- ZERO buzz for our first P5 season and OUR coach was excited there was rain in the forecast so he wouldn’t have to trot out the fact that, after 5 YEARS, he still doesn’t have a full roster to showcase for a Spring Game. Prime flipped the roster in a few months.

We on the other hand, are struggling to sell 5k more season tickets than last year’s G5 schedule. Next season is that P5 schedule we aways said would magically fix our program and attendance issues…nope!

We need a coach that actually cares about this program.and doesn’t view this as a giant cash grab with minimal effort.

This is NOT hindsight- many of us predicted Prime’s impact months ago.

How can prople defend this coach at this point- SMH!


Your points are spot on. Our leadership has no imagination or guts. Anyone could have told you hiring Prime was a no brainier, National Press following etc


Lack of vision is UH Athletics greatest tradition sadly

It just is

We’ve missed incalculable opportunities throughout the decades and not jettisoning Dana heading into the Big12 arguably was one

But this is who we are

Best to temper expectations - saves the :broken_heart:


Coach Sanders has revived a moribund CU program with the sheer force of his personality. Such instances are rare, but I wish him luck. Why is it UH seems to miss opportunities so often?


And WE ALL predicted this.

There were multiple threads, over the last 12 months, how landing Prime would have been the best thing that happened to the University of Houston football program.

This wasn’t hind sight- There were PLENTY of creative ways to handle CDH’s buyout.

Fortune favors the Bold- Colorado took the chance …we did NOT and have a very depressed program because of it.