Coach Prime Spring Game

We’ll see how he does on the field.

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200k, they made enough to buy Alton


Goodness gracious. How much are they paying Prime? This is a team that won one game last season. So far, a wise investment.

Nobody doubted Prime’s ability to create excitement…

Let’s see him win at CU now…

I think if you lined up the Coogs against the Buffs this season… we’d whip them!

Go Coogs!

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He will win.

Have you seen their schedule?

He will probably win 8, maybe 9 games next year.

Coming off of a one win season. I’d say that’s a huge improvement and worth every dollar and antic.

Lots of question marks on that schedule… Including Prime’s coaching…

Either way… I agree; he’s already been a great hire and is bringing ROI to the university immediately.

Vegas has over under at 4.5 games. I believe it’s the same as ours.

Lol. 6 tops. Just like Coogs :writing_hand:

Sorry, i doubt it. .No way Colorado wins more than a few games, as bad as they are…And PAC left behinders will be after them because they will be leaving to join Big 12…

Doubtful on all counts

Five replies to that lol.

You guys are probably right.

I just think that the pac 12 is trash. The only notable game that I saw was TCU.

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I agree with you… I see 7 wins.

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The two main questions I’d have for Prime and his coaches:

  1. Is the OL better than last year and if yes, how much better?
  2. They won at Jackson State by out-talenting the competition. Can they win without out-talenting the competition? They still lost their bowl game with superior talent.

The OL doesn’t look a whole lot better (will also have to build some cohesiveness too) and the second is a wait and see thing.

Predicting a 1-5 start

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