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Paul Mills at Oral Roberts is losing a lot of his team to graduation (4 players from the 2021 Sweet 16 team)

Does he really wanna start over without Max Abmas? Now would be a good time to leave


Patrick Ewing out at Georgetown

I know you guys aren’t big PE fans…and I’m not much of one either…but Georgetown is in the rutz similar to how we were and I really thought he could help get them back on the map. Not sure what didn’t work there…recruiting, teaching or coaching. I think he wanted to succeed really badly. He was devoted to the school…unlike Clyde…just didn’t work out. Probably should return to teaching NBA bigs how to hit mid-range jumpers.


I was a huge Knicks fan back in the late 90’s - great team’s

How about the mid 90s. :thinking:
Rockets :rocket:.

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Stanford just doesn’t care. 7 seasons. 0 NCAA tournaments. And they’re bringing him back

Stanford is for indoctrination and Cross Coutnry


Nah… He aint going anywhere! I think he would be UH coach in waiting for him to take over for the 2024-25 season imo :writing_hand:

I think he loves it here because of the Big 12, NIL (close to Landon), met his wife here & sister has a nice gig here. I think this is a real possibility especially if Kelvin wins the big one this year!!!

They also have a great class coming in w/some talented returnees.

True. Stanford has had decent freshmen & still couldn’t win though

Another problem is, they can’t fix things with the transfer portal, cause of academics. They have high standards for student athletes, so I’ve heard

Yes. And if he can convince Ingram to return they can be a dark horse team in the Pac. If things dont work out then you get rid of him.

As far as Academics goes then thats a school problem and not coaching!

That’s McNeese’s problem - want to be LSU or fake power 5 they’ll overpay for an unproven power 5 assistant or coach trying to get back into the game

Byron Smith is perfect for that job but their perception is that swac is or any other peer league head coach is beneath them

They aren’t affiliated with Liberty University.

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Will Wade feels you just slighted him.

Brian Gregory out at USF

@Hill yep