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wichita is reportedly down to 3

Kellen shouldn’t do it.

He’s ready. But he shouldn’t do it.

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You get into the business to be a head coach, Wichita would be a great job for Kellen. And if he gets them going again and is successful when Kelvin retires he could come back to UH. If he had successful head coaching experience somewhere else that would be great.


Wichita doesn’t play the NIL game. In a watered down AAC. Not a lot of guys going to be begging to go to Wichita.

Could set him up for failure. He’s sitting on a golden ticket right now. He knows he will be a coach eventually. Just gotta wait on Pops. And then he is the head coach of a top 10 program.


Kellen ain’t Pops, handing him the reigns at UH with no head coaching experience is risky IMO

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Oh, I agree. On our part. But, for Kellen. What’s the risk? Lol

Name a coach that wouldn’t be risky? It’s always a crapshoot. Kellen’s been on the sidelines for 9 seasons with the best coach in the country.


there is such a huge difference going from the 2nd chair to the first chair


They all have to do it except, of course, Clyde and Penny

and Chris Mullin

No-it is very much Beard. His players, his staff, his system.

I don’t understand the term “mid-major” in reference to college basketball. Its the one sport where you can create a dynasty out of a small, private school. I know its not common but there are a helluva lot of unknowns on the cover of magazines every March. Not true in football.

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Ed Cooley to Georgetown, seems like a done deal

Makes sense. I believe his daughter is a student there.

That tweet is after Providence played Georgetown in DC.

Mike Brey to USF

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What the? Is this for real?

Looks like it since it came from the USF insider. Maybe Brey wanted to live in Fla and stay there when he retires???

I look at it this way. Kellen is an up and comer who already is assured the HC position at UH…, IF he stays till his Dad retires. IF he leaves to be the HC at another school that opens the door for UH to consider all who may want the job at that point.
Being in The big 12 and with continued success with kelvin for another couple of years would make Houston a very attractive job. IFKellen went elsewhere and was a 500 coach why would we not hire the best applicant at that point.

The thing is, to make a career in coaching, you have to bet on yourself. Taking the “safe” move isn’t in these dudes’ DNA, and honestly I’m not sure I’d want them if it was. Nobody starts out as a grad assistant because they’re looking to make the safe choice.

Kellen may (and I think likely will) turn out to be a great head coach. He’s been learning from one of the best for 20+ years. Then again, he may not end up being a great head coach. We just don’t know.

What we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that he’s an incredibly great recruiter. And that’s what we’d really be missing if he left for another job. But ultimately, he’s put his time in and deserves this opportunity if he wants it. Proud of him.