Both turnovers were on terrible calls by the coach. Setting these kids up to fail. Cmon man!

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I don’t disagree at all. There’s something really unimaginative and predictable about the offense that is really concerning. I was just sitting there thinking if I were the DC for SMU I will go after the quarterback, knowing he just came back from an injury and isn’t very mobile. Some of the plays are taking way too long to develop. It would make a hell of a lot more sense to get the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible, similar to the one that went for 60 yards for a TD. Speaking of which, it’s not like we don’t have speed at the wide receiver position. However, it seems like we can’t get the ball into the hands of the playmakers anymore. Good things happen when guys like skill players like Stevenson get the ball in their hands. Also, I’m baffled by the use of personnel. I cringe every time I see Carr replaced by #8. He’s too small to block against a pass rush and tends to go down much easier.

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WR 81 also on the field way too much. He was bad against UConn and awful this game.

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I wouldn’t say the kid is awful. But, I’m concerned as to why the others aren’t the targets on those calls. Shaking my head.

To your point - if the kid continues to take sacks on first down, please call plays to get the ball out more quickly or hand the ball off. We can see it coming all the way from Dallas.

You guys just amaze me with your BS.


Thank you, Mike. My exact sentiments.


So silly. Just disrespectful to a team and staff that executed a damn good game plan against a more talented team.

Completely exciting and entertaining matchup.


Bonehead play calling at the end of the half for sure, we had plenty of time even though no time outs, we run up the middle 3 times and kick the FG? Had me looking for Applewhite on the sideline. Stupid and a waste of opportunity. That extra 4 points might have helped there Dana


I hope you’re as loyal to your friends, Mike as you are to coach Holgorsen lol. Man you get so trigger so easily by the constructive criticism the team gets when it’s warranted lol. You probably think everyone should get a participation trophy :trophy: :weary::joy::joy:

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Mike is a true Cougar who supports his University. Sees the positives & negatives but is not a the sky is falling fan. Realistic and will be at the game! Wish we had another 100,000 just like him, Go Mike!


He is just calling out some of the posters for truly asinine posts !!

Keep your trophy !!

By the by, we are truly NOT sorry they canned Apple Boy as I feel sure it was a dagger to your heart !!


Nah, that’s where we disagree. I’m sure this board is split on Dana right now. I think his comments are debatable to say the least.

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Blame the coach when Smith flubs a simple screen pass like he has never thrown a football. Lol. Some.of were saying Smith needs to be our qb.
I will say I will not be said if Smith sees some pine time and two more awful mistakes this game. He gifted them a TD then didn’t catch the punt costing us about 15 yards.


Not at all. This season was destined to be .500 at best. The influx of players would take a while to come together which we are seeing on defense a little although LB injuries have made it tough. Offensively, the thin OLine now at 40%, a backup QB, 2nd team RB makes it tough to get consistent.

As I like to say, “When you win, everyone’s a fan. When you lose, everyone’s a coach.”


How does criticism of Dana equates to liking Applewhite? CDH is not a god awful coach but he isn’t a great one right now either. There are glaring mistakes that some here don’t mind pointing out.

It is not on an indictment on his overall abilities or how successful he will be going forward. They are reasonable observations of what he has done thus far. The standard we hold him to should be much higher than Applebees.

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In the interest of being consistent, I’m for giving Holgorsen a three year leash, just as I thought Major Applewhite should have gotten a third year. For the people who excoriated Major Applewhite for his mediocrity, you should be livid at this point with Dana Holgorsen. There is a good chance that this team won’t make a bowl.

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Applewhite is major reason team is in shape it is at this point in time. He was a disaster hire as a HC. Poor guy should have never been hired in first place, completely in over his head. Should have cut his teeth at a SFA/UNT/Sam level and might have worked out different. Saban and Swinney would be pressed to get bowl eligible.

I saw a team fight tooth and nail and never quit last night. I’ve never seen a HC and team quit like seen in CMA last game…right call to let him go after that debacle


Nooo… Lol. I saw where people were predicting 8-4 or better with the exception of a handful if that lol. I mean… Backtracking now when we know what has happened ain’t nothing to be ashamed. But we can at least agree most of us had us going bowling because we had hired CDH from West Virginia. He still has lots to prove going into next year lol.

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I see bright days ahead for all things Coog…