Conference Championship odds

chances we can still make the CCG? smu has to lose to memphis and coogs have to win out… or else it’s over

When we have to rely on another team to lose, it never sounds good.


How bad is our division when smu may very well come out on top !!

Shame, Shame CMA


uconn rushes 200yds a game, smu just let uconn rush 400yds on them, with 2 different 200yd rushers

memphis has a RB doing 200yds a game… i expect Memphis to beat smu, maybe even tulsa…smu syruggles against legtimate rushing teams

im not so much worried about not controlling our destiny but more so i dont think we go undefeated…i think memphis wins outs and claims the west not smu


Slim. Memphis should beat SMU. We will have to out score Tulane and Memphis. Tulane is a good possibility but they are better than people give them credit for. Memphis is a crap shoot. I think that we’ll both be playing for the division title the day after Thanksgiving. Would have been hard to imagine a few weeks ago.

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I think this is how it plays out. SMU has some momentum and teams can get it together during the season, so just because a team might start out rough doesn’t mean they can’t finish strong.
I mean c’mon…Temple lost to Villanova?

Memphis should have too much for SMU. UH should beat Tulane by at least 10. However, Tulane did rough up Memphis earlier this year so who knows. They sneak by UH and Navy and they could win it.

Some of y’all really hate yourselves.

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Were in a tailspin. Can’t see us beating anyone left. Unmotivated. Imagine Soundwave (transformers) trying to pump you up. Yeesh. Tulane is gonna sneak out a 7point win and Mumphish will annilate us. Worse part is we’ll be paired in some crap bowl against some turd and get wrecked!

No excuses left. You have the resources.

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Tulane has a chance too! If they beat us, they get a below average Navy team at home. They win the division if they win their two and SMU loses one. Hell, they can even win it by losing to Navy if they get a little more help.

We will lose to Tulane, defense won’t stop them, I think the team has packed it in for the year, Memphis will blow us out up there

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They won’t lose to Memphis because Memphis’ strength plays into SMU’s hand-run defense. Any team that can stop the run can beat Memphis; unfortunately we won’t be on that list this year. I like our chances versus Memphis better than Tulane though. Fritz is going to melt Onofrio’s brain more than all of the whiskey he’s been sipping on in the box. lol

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smu cant stop the run…they stopped us…but they havent stopped anyone else…

Yes they have. lol

We may not win another game this season. Too many D injuries. If we can’t stop the other team from scoring, then it puts too much pressure on the O to keep up. Basically we lost the Temple game on three plays: blocked punt, fumble by the QB when we were driving for a TD and the fake punt. The problem is that we needed to play a perfect game (no turnovers) and we couldn’t pull it off and the truth of the matter is that we shouldn’t have to play a perfect game to win a game.

literally 2 days ago vs smu
uconns qb had 180yds rushing
uconns rbs had 180yds rushing

they are ranked bottom 100 nationally in rush defense

Manster you gotta stop switching your screen names in here. lol It’s becoming obvious at this point friend.

Before you start pulling out arbitrary stats or the anomaly in UConn, remember how many rushing yards we had versus them and ask yourself, did they stop the run when it mattered? Did it feel as if we were running all over them after rushing for 190? The UConn game was a fluke if you’ve watched them all year. Situational football>Stat sheet

im not manster…how is that becoming obvious…ive been on the forum for like 8 years now, not sure why youd mix me up with anyone else.
our writing patterns arent even the same…

tcu ran on them for 250 doing 6yds a carry
ucf did 250yds on them doing 6 yds a carry

what is your reasoning for them having a good run defense besides how they played vs us…
go to the smu forum, they are openly admitting they are fully expecting a shootout vs memphis

lol Yes they are, but I’ll take your word for it.

Yawn :sleeping: How did they look against the run after Tulane, Cincy, and the Coogs? If you can’t see they’ve improved then I don’t know what to tell you.

They were expecting to get blown out by us as well. Looks like their alums don’t actually watch their team on TV, let alone go to the game. Giving up yards here and there isn’t an issue. When it’s time to stop the run, they do it. I would trade coach no D for their DC in a heartbeat.

You forgot to mention CMA’s failure to go for a 4 and 1 in the second quarter when Temple was running over our defense at will !!

Didn’t we get a penalty that put us in 4th and long during that sequence? I’ve thought he actually takes a lot of risks.

What I don’t understand is Kendal calling the three running plays at the end of the 2nd quarter, Applewhite running the clock, then calling timeouts to get the ball back. Kendal got booed for that play calling.

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