Congratulations to Charles Barkley

I just added you to the list of people I don’t like.

You are in good company, it is a very long list.

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The best team doesn’t always win. Apparently Illinois is going from cold to hot today and play their best game in 2 years. They could.

You already forgot about how he talked about us last year when we were losing to baylor.

They pay him to be brash and draw hard lines. It’s not fun for half the teams he talks about.

So you automatically don’t like anyone that doesn’t pick UH to win? Soft. Charles is a national treasure.


I’d say it’s a pretty hard stance. About 250k VS 7 billion. Not very good odds. Keep it up, HC.

Yes. He is on the list.

Don’t get me wrong he is in the athletic section of the list. There is a lower bar.

He is not on the list with the likes of the people that invented Chez Whiz or serial killers.

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He is openly against anything that has proximity to the city of Houston. I would expect him to pick us to lose every game he calls.

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He did say we were the better team.



Friday Barkley also said that CKS deserved to be national COTY. That’s pretty high praise.



Stay firm!!!

He’s at the top of the list of scumbags who have thrown a midget through a plate glass window.

Yea. Plate glass windows are expensive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

keep picking the coogs to lose, at some point, i suppose, you will be right

I can’t stand how he consistently calls Kelvin, Kevin. He talks about him in just about every tournament now. Surely, he knows that it’s Kelvin.

Someone give me the recap? I was watching at Wakefield and didn’t see any comments he made.

And that is why he’s a national treasure.

It’s not any worse than Granato calling Fabian “Franky” on the morning show the other day. Our own sports radio hosts can’t get it right. It’s embarrassing.

Granato called Altuve a midget when he first joined the Astros.

Midget is offensive they are little people.