Coogs get crystal ball prediction

The Coogs picked up a crystal ball prediction on TOS. Since it’s not on the free pages you have to wait and see or go there. But, if it comes true, you all will be happy.



Heard from some OU guys that he get very sick last year and lost tons of weight

Well, if he was sick, I’m sure that our coaching staff is fully aware of it. And, we have a great conditioning program.


Out of HS, he was recruited by EVERYBODY, from Alabama on down…Clearly a great prospect who will only benefit from our excellent coaching and conditioning for future…


Smelled a boom last Friday when they were blasting a welcome home video from TDECU :wink:


Cody is a stud. They tried recruiting a QB I know to transfer to Foster so Cody could play wr. They ended up getting kid from Maryland. If not Cody would havebeen the qb.

Very talented kid.


So let’s say the crystal ball comes to fruition (rob sellers so it’s likely) how many more spots would we have left? Thinking we could get some more o-line and maybe even some d-line ships. Heard we had some o-line offers in another thread.

Also, Cody would make an already good WR room into something I might even call great. Excited at the chance of him coming here.


I’m not exactly sure, but I think we have several still available, maybe four or five. I’d also like to see us bring in more offensive linemen. We’re really set, at least for ‘22, at every other position group.


True. Most of the time you win from the trenches and UH has really done a great job building both of it’s lines. Can’t wait for the CFS to start. Haven’t been this optimistic since Ed Oliver was roaming the hallways at UH.

I’m expecting an additional CB or 2


What we have been told is that we are allowed 7 additional scholarships because of portal losses to go along with the normal 25. So, for the 2022, we should have a total of 32 scholarships to award.

According to the FB REC pull down onTOS, we had signed 15 in the normal signing process, we have 5 committed in the subsequent period (such as Ugo), and we have added 9 from the transfer portal for a total of 29 which leaves us with 3 available to be added.

What I am not sure of is how the guys added after the signing period are added. Do they sign an NLI, or do they just show up? Without an NLI, they are just commits with nothing binding them, so they could always change their minds, which I guess could happen anyway.


Do you guys know if we’re still in the running Demond Demas?

I’ve read he had some serious off the field legal problems.

I get that and that makes me hesitant about him but even with that, some were saying that he was likely coming here. I’m wondering if that is still likely.

I know we have put out a few offers recently to 2022 OL. I think we might be set at DL for this cycle unless something changes. but got some good feedback about some of the 2023 targets there.


I can confirm this is happening. Package deal with the CB.


Which Cb :thinking: