Coogs vs Cats CCG Score Prediction

Let’s Get It On !!! Will be traveling so probably will not get to see the CCG…y’all pull the boys thru for me…donation to the Tip Jar in winners name…Coogs win I am doubling it. Win or lose, it’s been heck of a year and the foundation has been set for a tremendous future…anywho…Coogs Win !!!

Coogs - 34
Cats - 31


Good guys - 17
Bad guys - 27

Setting some low expectations so I wont be devastated if we lose. We will need a big running game to win, and I dont see that happening.

I do .
Go Coogs…beat the heck out of the bCats !

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Coogs 23-21

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Coogs 33
Bearkitties 21

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22 Coogs

17 Bearcats

We get a safety to get to 22 points

I’m torn between what I think will happen. My prediction is either a close win 27-24 or we get blown out 38-14.

Cincy 27 Coogs 24

32-28 Coogs.

gonna be some field goals and at least one difference maker from marcus jones…
UH 30. UC 27


Tune has been playing excellent since the Tech game. If he plays to that level in this game, we can win it. No mistakes, Cinci has ball hawks.

UH 21 - Cinci 17

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Cincy has two DBs that can take WRs out of the game. We also have two DBs that can take WRs out of the game. They have 1 super threat at WR. We have 1 super threat at WR. These teams are very similar offensively.

Game comes down to keeping track of RBs and containing QBs.



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The stats are pretty even and we have athletes just like them. I think home field might be the difference. Hopefully they can overcome that.

Nnati 45-20

Unless Jones gets us 6 points, AND we get at least 2 turnovers, I don’t see how we have enough to beat the Bearcats.
Cinci - 35
Coogs - 24
I hope I’m wrong! Go Coogs!

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UH hasn’t played anybody the quality of UC. I really hope I’m wrong though.

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Heart says Coogs 31-27

Head says listen to your heart by Roxette.


UH - 30
UC - 27
We need to hit those field goals.

Coogs 28
Bearcats 27

Coogs by 1

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