Coogs vs Huskies Score Prediction

Since many Coogs are traveling, starting thread today. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

Coogs - 56
Yukon Jack - 14

Go Coogs !!!

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49-3 Cougars

55-0 Coogs roll…!

Coogs: as many as we want
UConn: not so much


Due to bringing in 2/3’s , and some 4 Qtr mishaps that puts them into position to score in the final 8 min

52-0 Coogs

49-7, Coogs.



Coogs 41-17

Holgerson will put first teamers in for first score and then the rest plus the splinter seaters for the remaining of the game …

Doesn’t matter who wins … we have been the Rodney Dangerfield of DivIA … and where we play the AAC Championship game will depend on what happens at ECU …

I predict the UH splinter seaters 24 … the worse team in DivIA … 9

I see a short game with a lot of running the ball and resting starters.

Coogs 45
Pound Puppies 3

UH 31
UGone 13

Coogs barely cover the spread. Ha

UH-54 UConn-21

Coogs 45
Dogs 6

38-6 Coogs

Coogs 42
UConn 17

45-9 Coogs score a lot in 1/2 half.

35-0 at the half–subs give up some easier ones in the 2nd.
Coogs 45
Mongrels 13

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Coogs 100
Doggies 0

Serious this time.

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