Coogs vs Navy

So the Navy has more seamen, but has TV been scheduled for the game yet?

11:00 AM time is set. ESPNU or ESPN Plus is what I am hearing. Should know tomorrow.

TheScore app says ESPN networks @ 11 am. I thought all their games were on CBS Sports Network however.

Louisiana Monroe at Army is the 11:00 AM game on CBS Sports Network that day.

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My sister and brother will be there along with my cousin. I do know that. Brother went to UH and attended Rice ROTC. Navy man for 7 years.

He knows where his allegiance is. UH!!!


Thanks, I don’t get that network with my provider and didn’t take the time to look it up.

No disrespect for veterans but there’s a joke in here somewhere.


Navy is the one school on our schedule I will miss playing. My favorite road trips are the ones we make to Annapolis.


Our dlineman’s knees won’t miss playing them


Personally, I’m glad they are off the schedule. Their offense is boring. I’m rewriting the post because it really did not reflect what I meant to say. Losing to Memphis makes me feel worse than any other team on our schedule.

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The simple answer to that is don’t boo them, just cheer for your own team. That is the mantra I use in every game we play. The only boos you will hear from me is at bad calls by the refs. I think booing the other team is a display of poor sportsmanship and is ill becoming of our school. But that’s just me, everyone is allowed to do as they wish.


Generally agree. Except when I see something like that Memphis DB deliberately twisting DAyers’ leg in 2015. Me and 40,000 other Coogs let that dirty player – AND the refs who turned a blind eye – hear about it.


Oh, come on, there were only 28K at the game and they weren’t all Coogs.

Well we were loud enough for 40k.

Anyhow, point being, I don’t boo my team or the opposing team. But I do boo refs and dirty players.

How can twisting an ankle not result in suspensions? Especially in this day of cameras and video

Agree with Red but I did let myself go when Memphis hoops came on to the court shooting Fingers and saying obscene things about our city.
Otherwise I do well but mainly cause we ain’t playing Agy or Whorn lol

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Attendance was 42,159 for the game with Memphis in 2015.


As cartman in south park said, “Semen, plus sea men, equals seaciety.”

In 2015? That was a great crowd. I was upper deck and it was pretty darn full. Great game and win that preserved a peach bowl season…. Let’s not look for a cloud in that silver lining. One of the most fun games ever.


What game did you go to? There was at least 38k for that game and probably no more than 1-2% were Memphis fans. Probably the 2nd best home crowd we’ve had in the last 30+ years behind the Louisville game in 2016.

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