Cooperation With Aggies

Since we are cooperating with the Aggies on some camps… any chance of scheduling? Maybe a series in 2018/2019?

Absolutely there is a chance. Play 1 at NRG and 1 in College Station and the deal will get done

No thanks.

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Hell to the NO on playing atm in NRG. They need to play us at TDECU.


I would be okay with NRG if there is no away game. A 1 and done, or 2 games at NRG.

If there is a home and home, it should be @ TDECU

Home and home and yes - we should absolutely play the Aggies. IMO, we should play Rice and A&M every year. They are the two closest major universities to us and we have a long history of playing them.

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If we play them in NRG, it would need to be the Texas Kickoff game.

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So you guys are happy with playing OU at NRG and on the road and completely against the same set up for A&M? Got it

Aggie couldn’t sell out NRG playing a top 20 Pac12 team. But I’m sure UH could sell it out even if Aggie wasn’t ranked.

Playing A&M in College Station and then 1 game at NRG would be 2 home games for A&M.

It should be 1 game at A&M and 1 game at TDECU.

Being invited by a promotions company to feature in a neutral site game against a major team in our own town is OK.

Us working deals to potentially give up an actual home game for the privilege to pay the Texans to feature the Aggies as our home leg of a series is less OK.


Why would it be 2 home games for A&M, I thought we carried this town?

What I was trying to say was that if the game was played at NRG, there is a good chance there would be more A&M fans than UH fans. We would lose some of the home field advantage playing at NRG. Just like how Coog fans will fill up the stadium if we played away at Rice.

I agree that is less than ideal but it will take something like that to get the series signed. I want to play the biggest games we can get in Houston and playing A&M is about as big as it gets in this town. If we would schedule UTSA or TxSt to 2 for 1 instead of equal deals this wouldn’t be giving up a home game, it would be getting an extra game in Houston to go along with a full home slate

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Well we won’t have a home field advantage at TDECU because that game will not be scheduled. And if our fan base is as strong as we portray it to be on message boards then we should have no less than an equal crowd of not more. If not, that is our problem

Pictures from today; Nice captioning opportunity:

I think he’s saying “Do you even know what you’re doing?”

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“Bro, do you even call plays?”

What makes you think we are happy about it for OU? I think we have a shot at NRG, but I would feel even better if the game was at TDECU. We should not be ‘hosting’ neutral site games then travelling to the opponent for away games. We should be shooting for only neutral site series, or Home/Home series, not stacked decks.


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