Cougar Pride and Parking

Really irks me to no end when the administration sells as one of the biggest benefits for giving at certain levels is parking garage reserved parking and then I pull up and there’s a line of folks dropping $10 to park in the garage.

I would have saved a bunch of money by NOT giving to Cougar Pride and just paying $10 to park in the garage.

I hate to rant but this really does irk me almost as much as the fact that there are never police at the Holman/Scott street exit to keep traffic flowing. All the additional traffic is stuck to sit through the normal traffic signal cycle which does NOT allow right turn on red.

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This is what happens when you puts trains at grade. They make traffic worse. Then the even worse traffic is used to justify more trains.

There is a reason Houston had streetcars and doesn’t anymore.


Was there a sign advertising it or was it an enterpising employee? I have seen several games where they made people u-turn [entrance near Cullen intersection]

They were taking cash at the garage. The guy had to put his cash wad away to take my Orange lot stub.

Another way to look at this, they know how many spaces they have in the garage and how many people have a reserved parking spot. So should they not sell spots not reserved on game day? Only people I feel should be upset are ones that are charged the same price for parking a 5 minute walk away.

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Can someone translate this?

All the garage parking is being run by people who are classic examples of The Peter Principal, people who have risen to the level of their incompetence. For example - the ground floor is left empty every night, but handicapped people are forced to park on the upper levels. That makes sure they have to walk twice as far as necessary if they want to use the elevators, or they can climb the stairs! Complaints to Cougar Pride or anyone else are ignored!__

Same levels as cars/streets…as opposed to subways or elevated trains…I think.

The rail system at grade works awesome in Portland.

But its a school night. Half the parking garage was full when i got there because students were in it as well. Also I dont know about them taking cash i didnt see a sign outside i didnt know we were doing that now…

IF you have a handicap plate or hang tag you can pay $10 and park in the garage.

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Thanks; I appreciate your attempt to help, but I have a handicap hang tag and a pass to park in the garage. Yes, I can park there - but not on the first floor! I have to park on the upper floors, while the first floor sits almost empty every darn night. They have cones sitting out in the entrance nearest Scott Street; there is no way to enter there, and that is the only entrance that gives access to the first floor. All they have to do is let handicapped people enter in that entrance, but they will not. Protests to Cougar Pride, the ticket office, and anyone else who might listen, are ignored! This is beyond stupid!

Some of us elderly people, who have been supporting the university forever, just might decide to withdraw from the En Tempore Legacy Society, and change our wills to leave that part of our money to someone else. Maybe THAT will get someone to listen; nothing else seems to work!__

I was parked on Holman and part of the trouble getting out was the train and the other part was all of the idiots not knowing what lane they were in and looking at their damn phones when it was their turn to go. I saw it in slow motion because I was stuck to the curb until I could sneak in the line. I’m going to start tasing people that do that.

I too have a hangtag and a parking pass. I agree that the ground floor should be used for handicapped parking.

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Trying paying the same amount and walking 20 minutes to get to the FC.

If it takes you 20 minutes to walk from any of the cash lots to FC, I feel like you probably need some kind of mobile assistance.


I came in via Cullen and turned one turn too early for handicap parking. They let me in with no fight. There are ground floor parking spots via that entrance. Seems that any of the garage entrances are open for handicap parking, but only one has the sign up.

When they send out the map before each game the Garage is not designated as Cash Parking? If you can pay $10 to park there it’s sure a lot closer than the other Cash lots! I’ll try it next home game!

CoogTTB - I hope someone in Cougar Pride reads your post. If they continue to allow cash then I will change my CP donation level and join you. Will save me money, and cost CP as I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I believe the 10 dollars is supposed to be only for handicapped parking in the garage

Okay, that makes sense. I didn’t even think about it along those lines. BigFNT above said the attendant had to put his cash “wad” away to take a Garage stub. I didn’t envision there being enough using handicapped for there to be a “wad” of cash involved.