Could the NHL be coming to Houston?

The Arizona Coyotes are now going to lose their lease.

Houston is the largest market in North America without a NHL franchise.


From someone who grew up in NHL country, I would love to see the NHL here. What would concern me is that it would draw from discretionary budgets of sports fans and businesses that could otherwise be spent on the Coogs.

I seriously doubt it.

I don’t recall either the WHA or IHL/AHL Aeros having that effect.

Totally different markets, as far as I can tell.

Please god make this happen. There is not a better spectator sport in the world than NHL hockey. It is an awful TV sport, but in person nothing is better.

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I went to several IHL/AHL Aeros games and had a blast. I’ve also watched Division I hockey in person (Alaska-Fairbanks, Air Force Academy, and Colorado College) and had a great time.

And the one NHL game that I went to in D.C. (Washington Caps v. Ottawa Senators), well…that took the term “blast” to almost a whole new level!!!

You truly can’t imagine how fun it was. Rowdiest crowd EVER!!!

Given my years in DC, I’m currently a Caps fan with an Ovechkin jersey, but I’ll switch loyalties overnight to Houston if my hometown gets a team.


I’ve never ceased to be amazed at just how obsessed the NHL is with keeping a team in what is obviously a failing market (AZ)…when a larger market is available in Houston.

Makes no sense.

Let’s Go Rangers!!! Clap clap, clap clap clap.

Let’s Go Rangers!!! Clap clap, clap clap clap.

Red Wings forever!





Nah, forget that……


Hope it happens. If they need a good plan, back at UH in my sports marketing class I put together a strategic marketing plan for an NHL team in Houston.

Also on a side note, the Maple Leaf Pub is a great place in Houston to go watch hockey. Haven’t been in years, but still follow them on Facebook and they are still rolling with all the true hockey fans.

Be careful for what you wish for.

Historically this is one of the worst run franchise all professional sports combined.
There is a huge % of the AZ population that originates from Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota. They have no excuses for not being highly successful. It is 100% on the Coyote franchise.

Then they obviously need new ownership and a new city!

What makes you think they will sell the franchise? Most if not all sports franchise owners are in it for the media rights.

I disagree. I think hockey and golf have greatly benefited from better tv resolution the last 20 years. Like all sports, hockey is still better live, but it’s great on tv now too. I still remember the 90’s, trying to watch games and they actually had to video enhance (illuminate) the puck to even keep track of it. Looked like a freakin comet on a slapshot. :laughing:

Years ago when I was traveling often to Calgary for work, was invited to a Calgary Flames game (match?). Went with Canadian co-workers. It was awesome.

I had been to an Aeros game here in Houston also, but the atmosphere amongst those crazy beer-guzzling Canadians was really cool.

As a side note, the BEST game experience I’ve ever had was at the 1986 World Cup. Saw a match between England and Morocco in Monterrey. Just WOW.

I hope the City of Houston gets an NHL team. Then Law can stop these threads about Houston getting an NHL team.

I am convinced that Houston will eventually get a team. It will be only just if Law is named honorary captain forever.

He is persistent on this endeavor and should at least get credit if at last only here.



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Absolutely need an NHL team here. I was a season ticket holder in the 70’s for the original Houston Aeros, and it was a blast. I miss that team still. Greatest group of guys you could ever be around.


Arizona Coyotes move here? That’d be a cool way to indirectly bring the WHA back to Houston. Never got to see them in the Coliseum but rode my bicycle to the Summit many times to see Gordie Howe and company. Coincidently, the first game I ever saw, the Aeros scored three 3rd period goals in a span of 1 minute 23 seconds to beat Winnipeg (Arizona) 5-4. The 3rd goal came with 2 seconds left on the clock. Gordie scored a 1st period goal, Bobby Hull scored one in the 1st and another in the 3rd for the Jets. That’s the kind of game that would get one hooked on ice hockey.

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My first year in Chicago my boss took me to a Blackhawk game where Bobby Hull scored a “hat trick”. I didn’t understand what that was until I saw it. Needless to say, I didn’t leave with my hat which was somewhere on the ice with thousands more. What an experience. It was the wildest crowd I’ve ever seen still.

The one NHL game I went to was the Washington Capitals v Ottawa Senators when I was stationed at the Pentagon.


I still have the Alex Ovechkin jersey I bought there!

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