I find it appalling that some on Coogfans (no more than two or three) have to insult people because they do not agree with them.
The satellite section was created for any types of discussions but political. The mods to their credit “let us” open up some threads thinking we would have some “adult sense” or maturity. Every single time a topic close to politics the same two or three start insulting posters. This reflect IMO a dangerous path our society is taking. The minute we can’t have a dialogue this is the moment true democracy cease to exist. Some networks have made a fortune inventing news at the detriment of someone’s life.
I will rewrite it again. Universities were created to engage dialogue between students and faculties. They were not created to brainwash students.


I hear you Chris. You and I had some strong disagreements about a topic not long ago, but we never attacked each other. And we respectfully ended our arguments without insults.

I figured others would be as reasonable as you and not take these issues so personal but some folks love slinging mud. I’m not above either and I’ve definitely slung mud too.

I’m hoping the mods can continue to allow touchy discussions to happen and perhaps, suspend people for a few days when they get out of line.


The ones who name call have lost the argument. Always.

Free advice. Edit your responses, shorten them, before posting. Be more concise.

People have low attention spans. This Board is not their Job, nor Life.

It is a passing amusement. Hit hard, then get out. Always be able to sum up in one or two sentences.

You will close more Sales that way.


Let’s pray for this forum.


The internet is largely a blood sport. This board is pretty tame.

I’m smoking a CAO Cameroon which is a short figurado, on the full side of medium. Not much spice, but no leather either. We need Alabama to beat Auburn tonight.

I keep saying good discussion goes downhill when the topic changes from the OP and especially when the topic changes from the OP to a fellow poster! But can somebody point me to an example of name calling? Quote? Screenshot? Link? Synopsis? Anything?

It ain’t disagreeing with one another and it ain’t subject matter either. It’s just a lack of tiny dab of respect and civility for one another that happens from time to time. We ain’t perfect. We’re human and we’re on the same team.

Johnny we can disagree and be civil after all the country is deeply divided. I haven’t seen any examples of uncivil discourse here.

Bc it’s been removed.


What is it about the following that’s considered uncivil?

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New York Post? 

Considering how long it took, you must have dug deep, real deep!

Please review our community guidelines for details.

For reference;

Some days you earn your pay, some days you don’t :wink:


Let’s not hijack this thread too much. The subject was universities were not created to brainwash students.

My bad.

Anyone got a comment about the OP?

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Isn’t calling students that passed UH political science courses that
presented modest amounts of information “brainwash”ed an example of name calling ?

So its brainwashing if you don’t agree with their views?

It could be taken as insult, I guess, but only if it’s taken seriously which I don’t but I’d still be interested in discussing it if only to get insight into how other people see things and why.

Not everyone is using that term.

I’m more concerned about brainwashing being done on people that haven’t gone to college (where students are encouraged to think for themselves, IMHO) by certain media outlets and talk radio.

I sometimes leave the radio on 950 after listening to games and some of their ads for themselves are really mind blowing. One in particular from this time last year really made my jaw drop. It went something like “don’t miss out on the insurrection. Keep your radio dial on KPRC 950”. :flushed:

Free speech is brainwashing?

People can decide for themselves whether to believe what they hear on the radio or elsewhere in media. They aren’t being forced to listen or believe.

People are free to express a political viewpoint that you might not like.

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Yeah, but here I think the view is students are captives. Prisoners being
indoctrinated into evil lies of socialism and communism. And when they teach
their evil to our young…well…all is lost.

Here are the definitions of socialism and communism offered as a refresher, even though all of us learned this at school:




  1. a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.




  1. a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.See also Marxism.