Credit where credit is due

You have got to give CDH credit, he had the team ready to play in all the phases last night.

The future is very bright.

Also, big shout out to the North Texas fan base. We set an attendance record last night. To me I would much rather play North Texas and UTSA every year than play Rice.


I would definitely like to keep North Texas in the rotation.


From the recruiting kids by playing in their area viewpoint UTSA and UNT make more sense than Rice.
Rice was evil to us but it is an extra semi home game.


6-6 season is very doable. Get those extra pratices

Hi, can you elaborate on Rice being ‘evil’ to us? Respectfully asking because I don’t know all of it.

Thank you.

Rice kept us out of the SWC for a long time.

The ironic thing is Texas supported us but in true Texas fashion it was because it was thought to be beneficial to them. We were the preferred school fir African American athletes in the 60’s and 70’s. Royal knew he had to recruit African American athletes and they were for the most part going to Houston. He felt if he was recruiting against us he wanted to play us every year.


I would play North Texas every year so between SMU and North Texas we always have a game in the metroplex every year.


I would be fine never playing rice and rotating between UTSA and Texas State. I guess North Texas is okay but we do already play SMU up there. The atmosphere in downtown San Marcos after we played there was one of the best I have seen.


GoCoogs I think that is a good plan. We need to bring UH into all of the major cities for exposure in Texas. We aren’t the same school we were 30 years ago and we need to get that message out their for both football and student recruiting.

Obviously North Texas’ fan base wants to see us.


Definitely shouldn’t play Rice every year. Play them every other year at the most.


Thank you. That’s pretty much the way I have understood it.

More recently they shafted us during construction of TDECU. Honestly, I’d rather play TSU than rice. Those guys were cool with us when our basketball team was homeless for the Fertitta Center construction. I’ll always remember that. :+1:


… also, isn’t it ironic how Texas ‘wanted’ us but someone else didn’t want us? Yet they have run ( For all intents and purposes) 2 conferences and have their own network.

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You can read a lot of the history in several posts in the thread below, entitled “Classic Stories & UH History.”


Heard that too. Perhaps we should put Rice in ‘timeout’.

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There is NO reason to play Rice at any place but TDECU…and that, infrequently.

What are they going to do, refuse to play us ? I’m good with that.

Why GIVE them any money ?


Thank you. I’ll check it out.

I actually kind of wish North Texas had leveled up earlier so that it could be them instead of SMU as our conferences’s DFW representative. They have less brand but more upward potential.

I’m personally less enthused about Texas State, but they do have a lot of grads in Houston and it’s a short road trip.

I’m less and less seeing the reason we should be playing Rice. I guess it’s an extra game in the area when we do a home-and-home, but that’s pretty much it. They’re an afterthought at this point.

Does anyone care what Rice did in the 1950’s? The world has changed, there is no need to play Rice.

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Yes, indeed; the world has certainly changed. And I know that my memory is not as good as it used to be; however, some things that happened back in the 1950’s I will NEVER forget. The treachery of Rice is one of those!

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