Daily Cougar: Pezman on why Whiting is getting a new contract

What kills me is the collusion between Pez and Todd to run an American Legion schedule out two straight years. RPI isn’t new and everyone knows how teams are rewarded in scheduling. So was the purpose just to pad wins and hope TW could right the ship later?


@ 250th OOC last season & they went 1 game over .500.
Run ruled by UTA, UTSA, & TX AM-CC.

Odd this character would talk all that nonsense then just ghost.

Send by Ole Whit, AD as a shill ?
They seem clueless enough to send a shill who is clueless.

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Sorry buddy, maybe I looked at the wrong year. Thankfully I have you to keep me honest.

I never said we should be proud of the results from the last two years, I said it wasn’t great and wasn’t terrible. The players cant control the schedule, and went out there and played .600 baseball while the pitching staff walked or hit a batter every inning. I also noted we did not play sloppy baseball. The fielding has generally been way above average. The baserunning however has been sloppy.

Maybe im just an old guy that thinks you can build a very good baseball team from local talent. Maybe the game has changed too much in the last few years where you need to build a global roster.

The Payne commitment from Elkins is a nice start.

Since I’m keeping you honest.
How can you claim to keep up with UH baseball w no clue the AAC was awful & your other fantasies ?
Gotta put you on ignore. My 1st on the baseball board.


To this point, in the Noble years a game or two over .500 meant the Coogs were a lock for a regional bid and in the hunt for a 2 seed. Record means little if against weak competition. Record will be AT LEAST 10 under .500 if the team plays at a similar level as last year against Big XII teams.

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When the 2000 team swept LSU at the Box, I knew they were special.

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Yes Sir.

The stadium was rocking, the atmosphere was electric and the hecklers were out in full force.