Dana now 48 on Coaches Hot Seat

He was Top 10 beginning of the season now 5-1 has cooled his seat off

Soft schedule wins cure lots of what ails coaches.


Almost any team playing in the AAC this year has a soft schedule.


It shouldn’t…we all know which wins are deserved and which ones are hollow.

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There don’t seem to be many really good teams this season across even the P5. Or, if there are, they are very inconsistent. Memphis beat Miss St. UTSA beat Memphis. Aggies lost to Miss St and beat Bama. Just an example of the up and down nature of this season.


I think one factor that has created more parity is the transfer rule now in place. Good teams that were top recruiting institutions could hold onto those 2nd and 3rd stringers who would be starters at places like UH. Now those players can leave for a school where they can impact the teams performance right away.

Good point and a positive for UH. Parity made the NFL the juggernaut it is now. Who else was burned out on Alabama and Clemson?


I haven’t watched the CFP games for a few years now… Main reason is because we never had a realistic shot of making it so I didn’t give the broadcasters my TV set to be included in their next ad revenue negotiations.

I’ll start watching it this year probably since we’re heading to the Big 12 soon.

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Heard an analyst on the radio say the “super senior” kids, especially on defense, are helping a lot of teams stay competitive this year. Some of the guys still playing have been in college since 2016.


Sure its OOC wins that got him off the hot seat not Tulsa and Tulane.

My question is, who are the owners of the “hot seats” that they can simply assign one to any coach they deem worthy? Is it some sports writer/writers privileged as such by their media outlet?

Jus another foolish made up measurement that begs for clicks. No thanks.

I bought a hot seat a few years ago to keep my booty warm in winter time. Let me tell you, that thing gets HOT!

The seat or your booty?

I have them in my Subaru Outback and they work great in the winter. Thats the only kind of hot seat I am interested in


Why not both?

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So if coach sits in your subaru then he is technically on the hot seat.

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Ed O #4 is amazing to me. They just won the natty two years ago and already talking about replacing him. It’s a tough gig when you’re not winning.


I’ve seen a couple of articles titled “why Ed O is not good fit at LSU”, all I could think is two years ago he fit really well.


It really doesn’t matter what these sites say, CDH isn’t on the hot seat unless Dr. K, Pez, or Tillman say he is. Right now they aren’t.