Dana Rumors

Beat TCU in their house and gotten SMU ranked for the first time since the 80s. TCU is going to take him out of spite.

The Atlantic has a story about SMU having 5 kids decommit today. All tied to Samples. Any chance we could hire him or is he headed to Texas?

Well he’s making 4 million a year for starters…

UH is going to the Big 12 in 2 years …

And he only had a 60% win percentage at West Virginia in 8 seasons…
This will not turn a lot of heads for Universities looking to spend big money…

Probably TCU with Sonny

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Dana is going to make a lot of future $money at Cougarland.

And win some games.

Look at the longevity of Grundy at Okie Dokie.

We need that at UH.


Doug Belk needs a hefty pay raise. Without the defense playing so well we wouldn’t be undefeated, that’s for sure.


Like Dave Aranda at LSU.
Salary high enough that it takes years for him to get the right HC job. $ and right place, right time.


By the time it’s all over, we’re gonna build a statue of Dana Holgorsen next to Bill Yeoman’s.


After CDH’s first two years, I was a bit skeptical, and after the second half disaster vs Tech, I was even more so. And then ten wins in a row happened.

What Dana has been able to do this year with the team overall, along with what Belk has done with the defense, is really remarkable. I am totally sold on this program, and I can’t wait to see what happens the rest of this year and in the future.


how’s that working out for them?

You have a friend !

It’s worked out great for WVU…CDH was 61-41 there and Neal Brown is at 16-17


Lincoln is not going to LSU. But Aranda is a strong possibility for that gig.

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WVU has been awesome since he left.

My sense is that WVU was not about to fire him, but were also not sorry to see him go and his doing so probably saved a couple years of instability. My doctor kinda went on that he wasn’t a good fit for the state. Despite how Brown has done, I haven’t heard a whole lot of wishing that Dana were still here. (Any, in fact.)

Which WVU team have you been watching? Lol

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Belk is gone after this season. JMO with all the job openings it’s gonna be the biggest silly season ever. A strong P5 will poach Belk at DC. Replacing Belk will be the next challenge for CDH. The good news: that’s at least easier than replacing a head coach.

He became a little Spike

That was sarcasm


If we are having good seasons, replacing coordinators is going to be very common. I would rather they get hired away than UH have to “Frost” them.

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