Dana says the ship has sailed on 2024 HS recruiting

Why oh why does he still have a job here?


Word on the streets, they’re not exactly lighting up the trail with the class of 25 kids that he is referring too either.


What-in-the-actual-hell was that response? I’m done with this guy. He can’t be bothered to actually work. GTFO!


I am betting the WVU fans would tell us this is similar to what was happening on his way out of Morgantown. WVUFAN, care to chime in here? I seem to recall some of their fans saying he left their cupboards bare because he knew he was leaving. Seat getting a little hot? Leaving for an OC position somewhere? Hmm…



Dana’s next quote


Is he a scam artist? He is telling everyone exactly what he will be delivering which is nothing


This dud should be fired for fraud, let alone his barely mediocre performance.


Can we get Tyler from Spartanburg to call in to the CDH radio show?


I heard that answer and found it puzzling. He also had an excuse for why we did not recruit better before joining the Big 12; recruits did not seem to believe that the move was happening and needed some type of proof or reassurance that the schedule would be a Big 12 schedule (paraphrasing). This is his way of telling us that we are not getting any good HS recruits this year.

The scam was here, or anytime he mentions he’s doing anything.


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Would BU let a visiting fan bring in a fire the visiting coach sign?

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like I have predicted already, he will double down on the transfer portal for next year for several reasons:

  • It is easy as heck relative to the grind of the recruiting trail. darn near like selecting off an a-la-carte menu. CDH loves easy.
  • IF he is back next year he knows he will get fired after next year if he doesn’t at least get us to a bowl game which means immediate help. Better chance of transfers helping you win right now.
  • Despite having a garbage recruiting class, he can bring in a couple transfers and throw out the names of the schools that they are from like it actually means something…LSU OG, ATM DB, TT RB, etc… problem is they were likely a backup or underperformed there that is why they are leaving…our NIL ain’t stealing big dog players…regardless, he can just throw out the names of those schools like it is an accomplishment in recruiting…again lazy man’s game.

All this said, CDH is setting us up to have literally no talent when he leaves because of his heavy reliance on transfers. Also, Smith will be a senior for him next year so we will be breaking in a new QB and HC in 2025 in the Big 12. Yeah good luck with that. I posted a few weeks ago, but he pretty much does everything you would do to NOT build a sustainable program that can be successful. Sadly, with or without CDH, we are probably a couple years out from a ceiling of anything more than a 6 or 7 win team. We need a full overhaul of our roster and culture. We know CDH isn’t doing it and the longer he is here the more he is setting back the next HC.


He is a bad recruiter this is known if you listened to what WVU fans & insiders said.


I’m not breaking new ground with this observation but CDH’s eventual downfall at UH will be not being able to recruit. Is it NIL? Facilities? Coaching? It doesn’t matter. The record speaks for itself.


You’re right. I guess I was trying to make a point that he is now just acknowledging that failure is to be expected

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Agreed, but if you’re going to do that might as well can him and bring in Kinne who at least flipped the entire roster in the portal and has a winning record.

Remind me of this dude


So maybe we’re at least getting to the exit part of an “exit scam.”

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When this bozo is finally shown the door, we’re going to really see what leaving the cupboard bare is. How can RK and Uncle T accept this ? This is beyond pitiful

A #96 ranking means UH is a middling G5 program. UH would be #27 among G5 programs. The Cougars are dead last among P5 schools. Houston is on the verge of blowing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For two years, Dana and staff have known they are going into the Big 12. Promoted to the promised land. He’s bragged about winning 20 games in two years.

And now, he says he’s still a year away from being able to recruit at this level. It’s unacceptable.