Debate: Coolest unis in college football

Here are some of my favorites:

Michigan: there can be little doubt that Michigan has the coolest helmets in the game.

ND: the Golden Domes, the navy blue jerseys; truly an iconic look!

Northwestern: The so-called “Northwestern stripe” is a timelessly classic feature!

Worst: Penn State…good lord…there are PRACTICE uniforms better than those! I’m definitely not a fan of the “minimalist” approach!

My favorites:

  1. UCLA - love that powder blue and gold
  2. Miami - the green and orange U is awesome
  3. North Carolina - they look so athletic in light blue and white
  4. SMU - I’ve always like red, white, and blue
  5. Ole Miss - see SMU
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UCLA home uni with gold pants, gold helmet with script UCLA, and light blue jersey.
Houston road with red helmet and red pants.
Kansas state with purple jersey with silver pants and helmet.
Notre Dame as previously stated above.
Washington State home with silver pants, silver helmet with their awesome WSC Cougar head logo, and dark red jersey.

I sort of agree with SMU but for a different reason: The pony. I really wish we had something as simple yet iconic as that. Same with Wyoming and K-State.

Gonna navel-gaze with some positive impressions I’ve got.

I love the “WSU” embedded in the cat of the Washington State logo.

Texas Tech’s “TT” is really cool. Again, instantly recognizable. They also do a good job of putting white in their uniforms. I wish when we had red and gray or red and black we used white with it (as outlining or for the numbers.

Temple and Troy should each stick with their respective “T” logos. Seems like it would be hard to pull off a distinct letter “T” but both pull it off.

I like the swords and V that Virginia has kept with.

It took a bit for me to grow on, but I like Arizona State’s flaming trident and hope they stick with it.

Agree about the Penn State uniform. It may be the worst in the history of college football, followed closely by the University of Texas uniform.


USL Ragin Cajuns, the most unique moscot in college sports

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I’ve always thought the Michigan helmets sucked.

Doesn’t Navy’s normal helmets and navy blue jerseys look like ND’s? The Navy helmets for the Army-Navy games are the coolest ever.



Very similar, to be sure. Likewise, Army often wears gold helmets with a black stripe.

That said, it appears that the ND gold helmets are somewhat “glitterier” than the Navy helmets.

I also like the big “ND” on the arm of their uniforms.

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Well, maybe you are an ND fan, while I hate ND and am biased against them. I think the best uniforms are UH’s red jerseys, white pants, and red helmets. The ugliest are the UT burnt orange.


I wouldn’t say that I’m a Notre Dame fan really. I mean, I have five cousins who are alums (one of whom went there for undergrad and law school), and I will say that it’s one of the two most stunningly beautiful college campuses that I ever visited (the other being Stanford’s), but I don’t really cheer for them or follow them closely.

I just dig the unis!!! You can go back for many generations…and still see that same iconic look!

Much like the Michigan helmets and the Northwestern stripe (though the latter has, at times, not been on the Northwestern uniforms).

Of course UH unis are a sentimental favorite!

I should mention that Division III John Carroll University, a Catholic school located in Ohio and the alma mater of Don Shula, must fancy itself as a sort of Division III Notre Dame.

They have identical uniforms!

Delaware would like a word.

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Here are some I really Like:

HOUSTON - Red Helmets, Red Jersey & White Pants

BAYLOR / USF - Golden Helmets, All Dark Green Uniform (they look very similar to me, but look nice imo)

TEXAS TECH - Not sure if it’s because the color combo is very similar to ours, but I like their traditional Home Uniform.

SMU - White Helmet, Blue shirt, White Pants

K-STATE - Gray Helmet, Purple Shirt, Gray Pants

Michigan had the winged helmet decades before Delaware. Delaware adopted that look in the 50s when they hired a coach that was a Michigan alum.

Copycat rip-off!

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Easy, counselor. No lawsuit here. Delaware asked for, and were granted permission by Meechigan, to copy their look. Also, Fritz Crisler, the Princeton coach, brought the winged helmet with him when he took the Michigan job.


Am I the only guy here that really digs the “Northwestern Stripe?”

I like it. Northwestern also was the first major school that made black a standard neutral color. Today, almost every school uses black at some point.


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I think they are blah.

I have to give props to UT for being able to create a jersey color that exactly replicates the color of a fresh steaming pile of steer defecation.


I hate all of them

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