Debunking Major's Claims About 3-Man Rush

Major Applewhite said yesterday that the Coogs only went to a three-man front “about 10 times” in the Tech game. He also said we blitzed 45% of the time.

We went to the video to look at his claims.


Someone check on Manster…

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He can run a 3 man front or 4 man front, but I believe Oliver needs to be moved around to keep the offense guessing just like Orlando did two years ago and was highly effective.


if we blitzed 45 times and had 0 QB hurries – that’s quite the indictment of the defense you’re running, Major. Maybe you shouldn’t bring that up.

Add sacks to that.


I’m sorry, but when I listen to CMA, I do not see a real Head Coach !!

He may have the title and paycheck, but I don’t see it !


Great analysis Ryan! Thanks for taking the time to do the in depth analysis


I think he’ll be ok. He just needs a better DC.

You sure none of those have one of the fantastic “delayed blitzes” CMD is known for? Also a couple do look like a 4th guy is coming, did they fake, then drop back? Just pointing one out (the last 4 all look like possibilities) on #18 the guy in the middle seems like he is sprinting towards the line.

Btw, not defending any defensive calls.

As head coach, he has a say in the defensive game plan. So, I read it, that he approves of what the DC is doing !!


what applewhite said was true…
you are counting delayed blitzs as only bringing 3

technically thats not bringin only 3…

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A delayed blitz against an offense like Tech is simply idiotic. You eliminate a potential rusher and a potential cover guy when you delay blitz an offense where the QB gets rid of the ball between 2-3 seconds.

Here’s your delayed blitz. The LB’s back foot is 6 yards from the LOS and 11 yards from the QB. And he’s already handed the ball off.

Maybe this is what you consider another. The LB is 8 yards from the QB who has pivoted and is ready to throw.

Or is this? They need 2 yards for a first down and we run a “delayed blitz” where he’s 8 yards from the QB who releases the ball 1 second from this pic

It’s disingenuous to say these delayed blitzes are “bringing someone.” They are irrelevant in the play. EVERYONE except D’Onofrio and his apologist Applewhite can see that.

All these blitzes - Applewhite says there were 45 blitzes - produced 0 QB hurries. We hurried their QB zero times. At what point do you realize that these “blitzes” aren’t really doing anything?


Maybe. I think he needs to reevaluate his CEO approach. He’s not Mack Brown and hopefully he knows that. Some people think he blitzed a lot, some people think he played man-combo. Maybe he did both. I’m over it at this point. All I know is 63 points were given up and he couldn’t hold them to less than 49. I wonder how many teams scored 49 points in the past 3 weeks and still lost…

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Exactly. Coming in, the staff should have known that a true freshman only has a few plays he will be able to run. They are not going to give him a playbook with 5 reads and routes that are 20 yards down the field. The ball is coming out quick, and there only a few routes that are short. Heck, looking at film would tell you which routes he can and can’t throw yet. They dropped the ball.


I’m not so sure this Bowman kid isn’t something special. Yes he dinked and dunked but that’s exactly what Case did. He also didn’t throw an INT. I may be wrong but this kid may be the real deal. I didn’t go back and watch film or grade out each position but I like what I saw in Bowman.


Amen on the delayed blitz-it’s a complete joke that produces no tangible results. I’d rather just keep the guy in coverage if they are not going to do like most other teams that “blitz” and bring him to the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.


If we just allowed the blitzing line backers sit on the bench for those particular plays, maybe they would not have been so exhausted by the end of the 3rd quarter . . . . .


Thank you Ryan.

Shouldn’t that have been determined last year? I mean, have a year below expectations, change offensive coordinator. Have another year below expectations, change defensive coordinator?

Why are we paying Applewhite so much?

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He needs an air tank because he is in over his head !!

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The other issue is that if the distance to the 1st down is less than 5 yards most of our DBs start behind the first down marker and back peddle from there.
Bowman had it easy. Every throw was from a pre-snap read. He never had to find the receiver coming open because there were always one or two open from the second the ball was snapped.
If we had DB that get up and hit the guy at the LOS it at least disrupts the timing of the QB to WR.
If we get burned could we do much worse than 63 points and no interceptions?