D'Eriq King injured

Looks like it could be a knee. Did he injured a knee slipping on the concete after the TD run?

Oh boy, not good At ALL…

Duarte tweeted it and we saw him carted off.

It was non-contact and way after the concrete.

The injuries this year…

Damn, King is done for tonight. Not coming back. Unclear about injury

Well that’s the way season has gone…can coaches save jobs by coaching…???

Watching it on TV slo-mo. Looks like any other knee injury, right foot planted and knee was moving in while side stepping in backfield. Could be ACL, Could just be a minor injury.

Agreed could be either.

I dont think that’s fair at all ed has given his all each snap hes been here. Because he got hurt on a dirty play and God forbid hes thinking about his future.


Looks like King may have injured his meniscus. Something as planting the football the wrong way could result in meniscus tear/damage. Could be something minor and be back by next week.

DKs reaction and body language as he was carted off made it seem like it was a major injury. Totally speculative. If so, hopefully he can come back healthy for 2019. Boy the injury bug hit this team hard this year. Strength and conditioning staff needs to get these boys to drink more milk.

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Whatever it is, he’s on crutches.

No bueno. So unfortunate.

This sucks man


What happened? Was it the slip in the tunnel?

I believe after he scored his last TD he slipped on his right leg on that boarding lining the sidelines …

My brother text me from what he saw that it looks like a torn ligament …

Man I hope not for his sake but he looked really upset after halftime.

We are in trouble if it is bad…

What is this boarding on the sidelines you mentioned?