Dimel doesn't want UH; recruiting competition

Is it any wonder that our worst coach ever has such a loser mentality?

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Something about a pool table…

So, a guy who was fired by UH now has negative opinions about that former employer! Why am I NOT surprised?

This is understandable since K-State has always had strong recruiting successes in the Houston area. [/sarcasm]

I agree with OP. Dimel is a loser. What Dimel should have said: “I’m happy UH is in the mix. It is an outstanding school that provided me a great opportunity. I wish them all the best.”

Such a false narrative. I think someone from Kansas or a Kansas writer said something similar. To put just how wrong this is in perspective out of the offers we have made for the 2017 class zero have committed to either Kansas or K State. They aren’t beating us for recruits now. So it won’t affect them in any way.

I’m trying to picture Dimel and Herman (and their respective world views) in the same room.

Night and day.

Dimels sister is pretty cool.

My favorite quote is, “I can’t believe anybody would want Houston." I can’t believe anyone would want Dimel after he went 8 - 26 here. What a joke! He and Kim Helton made Cougar football almost unwatchable for a decade. I’m still bitter that my 4 years at UH from '98 to '02 was spent watching these two inept coaches ruin a legacy of winning football.

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This…this made me laugh.

This is why most others laugh at the Big 12; Scared of competition to prop up schools like Kansas State who would barely be in CUSA if it wasn’t for being grandfathered in.

Oh well, Dimel isn’t even liked by KSU fans.

Dimel would run off with his tail between his legs in 15 seconds

This tweet is hilarious…


Just think, UH could put his butt on the unemployment line a second time if we get in the Big 12


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His ‘offense’ was ninth in a ten team conference last year. Maybe he ought to spend more time being grateful he draws a check somewhere.


Dismal doesn’t like UH in the Big12 … eh … everyone in America knows why … its too bad you can’t turn sour grapes into good and vintage wine … he would make a fortune.

Their president will vote and even he knows why Dismal hates UH.

THE REAL notable quote is from Snyder …

"I will tell you what: there are teams that left our conference right now that wish they could get back in the conference. Two I know of.

No doubt Nebraska and Colorado … have seen the errors of their way … the huskers have been in B1G country for several years now and are still as welcomed as Ebola and the Zika virus.

Where the buffalo roam … no longer roams … well not at least in the Pac12 … even the bad teams break outa their funk … unfortunately they are still trying.

I guess most of you are too dense to understand that he wasn’t bashing UH.

“You can recruit Houston,” Dimel said. “If they get into the Big 12 they will be tough to beat in recruiting, because of the proximity.”

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No one said he was bashing UH. We all just have a special kind of hatred for a man who helped set UH football back a decade. And it doesn’t surprise anyone that a man so inept at his job would be so fearful of competition.

He didn’t set UH back a decade, that was done by Helton. UH football was dead before he got here. I was in the stands for the Dimel crap years. I warned the folks in the AD office that Dimel was not a good coach and his success was solely based on what Joe Tiller left for him. He was a bad coach that was left with even worse players from Helton’s failures. That disaster scenario played itself out during the 0-fer season. But…his recruiting classes were the foundation of the rebirth of UH football.

His comments are no different than what most UH fans have been crying about for years “Put us in the same conference with these schools and we would out recruit them and beat them”. Dimel is confirming that exact line of thought

Doesn’t matter…he openly said he doest want Houston…the reason doesn’t matter to me…What a losing jerk he is!

He was simply terrible. I remember the teams were simply not even ready to play on game day.

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