Dimel doesn't want UH; recruiting competition

I am not disagreeing with that

Uhhh … have we seen ANY OTHER OC or DC in the Big12 bash UH …

The only one I can think of is Meacham (former UH) at TCU and he has stayed quiet … KK at Tech and Holgorsen at WVA (also former UH) I believe have supported UH and haven’t voiced any concerns about recruiting.

OH YEAH … and they weren’t fired from Cullen Blvd…

But guess who was … yepp ole sour grapes.

Once again, Dimel didn’t bash UH

Uhhh … yepp he did …

In my ole neighborhood as a yewt … we use to call it “making a point … THE HARD WAY” …

A lowly OC mind you NOT a HC or AD makes it a point to be quoted by a newspaper on why he cannot believe some presidents and legislatures are wanting UH in the conference.

He can use recruiting as his excuse but my ole favorite 3-legged blind sow even knows THE REAL REASON.

Whether he bashed us or not (semantics), it’s pathetic to go out of your way to publicly denounce anyone, much less an institution that once signed your paychecks.

he explicitly spelled out the real reason and it is as plain as day to anyone who has any ability to read. THE REAL REASON…we are in the heart of one of the best recruiting grounds in the country and they will have no chance at signing a kid from this area and the advantage of “being in the B12” would be gone for every other school.

And Kronke, he didn’t go out of his way and it isn’t semantics. He was asked about it during their media day and he told the truth that has been said around here since the B12 didn’t invite us.

Former Houston coach Dana Dimel thinks Cougars would be bad for Big 12

That what it says in big letters across the top a newspaper. Uncool.

I wasn’t a UH fan during the Dimel era, so I don’t have a special hatred for the guy. That said, I do see his statement about UH as a special kind of dumb. It doesn’t reflect well on Dimel, and there is not way to spin it as helpful for UH, either.

So far my searches have not found one Kellis Robinett with a Pulitzer. He may have won his High School writing contest but this typical journalism. You go for the headlines without any types of substance.
Dimel did not recruit well
Helton did not recruit well
Most importantly neither Coached well. They were never HC “material”.
We talked about it a billion times. Our “then” administrators mixed with uta’s and atm’s help sent us to the abysss.
Just look what sumlin aka judas did in a few years.
Just think if Herman had been with us around 95/96…I know he was barely out of HS.
These two are the perfect example that when you really try or just try with what the Houston greater area gives you the UH football program can become a monster.
Mr. Dimel accomplished nothing on the field. He only has himself to blame. I don’t want to hear about Helton. Dimel was in charge, enough said.
Remember what Mrs. Khator says “Life gives you lemons, everyone is busy making lemonade, think about making margaritas or you should make margaritas”(there are two or three versions) Dimel was unable to boil water and he had the greater Houston area.

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I can’t believe you are in support of Dimek’s comments. My kids could have seen through Dimels negative comment about UH. …

For godsakes, Dime just admitted KSU’s inability to compete!!! Why would a coach demean his own program. And, he did it with admittance of fearing a current G5 program. LOL what a nut.

When briles came here he mentioned the cupboard was not bare. Dimel redshirted his entire freshmen class(last). His last team could have used some of those kids. Briles had it good when he got here.
Not defending dimel, just reminding some knuckleheads the facts.

OK, he didnt “bash” us, he’s just trying to bone us. that better? you’re arguing semantics. He’s being a jerk toward us and thats why people are upset, and rightly so. Even if they are mistakenly explaining their feelings you should still be able to easily understand why the sentiment is there without continually nagging.

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I wasn’t around UH back then, so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Dimel the coach who decided to not recruit the Houston area? He said he couldn’t compete here and decided to basically only recruit outside the area?

Maybe it was Helton but I’m pretty sure i read it about dimel.

Nah, he isn’t being a jerk to us. He is just a person you dislike telling you something that you don’t want to hear right now. If this was reported by an “insider” on here citing an unnamed coach in the Big12 then every person offended would be yelling “See, they ARE afraid of us! Someone is finally telling the truth”

I remember it being helton. He recruited Florida a lot. Helton was pretty much a clown around HS coaches.

This is what most little 10 coaches are thinking now, if the Houston kid wants to play in the little 10 … then …
HOUSTON will be the best place for him. Your parents will be able to see all your home games.

Actually, if someone comes out against you getting something that would be good for you, he’s being a jerk. I don’t care how much you can take his reasoning as a compliment, and he literally said, we shouldn’t get it. So that’s being a jerk.

Additionally I really have no feelings toward the guy, as I said already I wasn’t here during that time. You’re clearly projecting that onto me. it seems like you’re not very good at understanding people’s emotions.

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Oh ok, thanks Rich. I knew I had read it was one of those guys who basically destroyed our local recruiting and killed out relationship with HS coaches. Crazy to think how much damage 2 consecutive crappy coaches can do.

KSU hasn’t signed a Houston recruit since 2013 and has no current Houston commits.

Does Dana expect to do worse than that if UH gets in the B12?


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