Dimel doesn't want UH; recruiting competition

You are correct. He’s not being a jerk to us. It is more of a compliment but we all know the guy is a bit of a doofus and wasn’t/isn’t a great speaker. It comes off more negative than the intention. I am betting he gets into a lot of fights with his wife over stuff he says to her.

I’m just not at all surprised he would run like a coward from any increase in competition. Still not sure how he was able to get any kind of paid coaching job at a P5 school, much less a coordinator position. That guy must have insane interview skills.

Dimmel and Levine were the same coach. Good recruiters who couldnt coach.

That’s the MAIN reason UH has never been invited to the Big 12 and probably never will.

Now add to the fact that we have a coach like Herman at the helm, that’s too much of a game changer for the rest of their conference.

Bad in the sense that many of those teams will get strummed by the Coogs.

Dimel…He was the coach in 2001. Say no more. I remember a few of those games, with one in particular with a school in Austin, that still rubs me the wrong way when I think about the treatment their fans bestowed upon me after the game(which they had won). I remember the talent we had in 2003 that were young freshmen and I admit, Dimel did recruit good talent, he just made bonehead coaching decisions and it cost him his job. I leave it at that.

We have had Briles, Sumlin, and Levine since. Briles and Sumlin gave us some good 10+ win seasons and Levine for all his misfortunes, gave us one losing season. However, times have changed and things have definitely change at UH and in college football, in general. So, I won’t put too much weight into what a KSU coordinator and failed former-UH HC has to say about us. Tom Herman is doing what none of his predecessors(from Kim Helton-on) have been able to do and that is win a conference title, win a big bowl game, and go 13-1 in his first season with someone else’s recruits. Let’s just enjoy the ride and hope that we have a chance to “crash the party” and really piss off the “establishment”. Go Coogs!

I agree with almost all of what you are saying, but just have to point out that Levine did have a losing record in 2012 (1st season).

I’m sorry, I forgot about that season. My mistake there. I lost track after we lost to Texas State… I remember being so infuriated, that I went to my new house and ripped all the old carpet out(started at 11:00pm and finished at 12:45am). So when the new carpet arrived three days later, the installers were surprised how cleaned up everything was. lol!

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There are losing seasons, and there are seasons like Dimel’s disaster where we weren’t even in most of the games.

Even UCF last year wasn’t as helpless as Dimel’s Coogs. It was like watching a PV game during their nadir.

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And I don’t read Dimel bashing UH so much as saying he doesn’t want to compete with us on recruiting. Problem is that boat has sailed. UH’s last class would have ranked somewhere around 3rd in the Big 12, and we’re not planning to take the foot off the accelerator.

Dimel is a perfect example of what is called the Peter Principle: in an organization you rise to your level of incompetency. He had some success in the minor leagues at Wyoming, which at the time was in the WAC. At Wyoming he actually broke into the Top 10 for a short stay. That got UH’s attention. But UH was just too much for him. It was a step too far.

Giving credit, he did leave Briles some decent athletes to work with. And that began the turnaround for UH. But OC seems to be Dimel’s glass ceiling. Or DII football.

Dimel supposedly responded to some Coog fans that emailed him and said his quotes were taken out of context. He actually said he supports Houston’s entrance, but that it will be tougher to recruit against us and that most coaches probably would hate to see UH in the Big 12 and having to recruit against them.

Reporter had an agenda.

The opposite of that objection is seeing UH going to another P5 and their schools reap the benefits of our area when they visit for a game.

Yes the Big12 coaches are recruiting against us BUT they are also visiting the area and getting exposed when they visit and play us a game … DUH!!! as Homer would say …

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