Do you see any hope for next year?

Offense - maybe. Defense, I have a lot of doubts.

There is hope. It is easy to discount the progress being made but there is progress.


Not with #3 at quarterback


There are a lot of supposdas on the defense next year. A bunch of transfers and whatnot. But the transfers this year have been ok. I think porter has done a good job. Moore from atm was a non factor at safety as well as the kid from UCLA. Both 4 star kids that left.

Next year we have a ‘star’ end from Alabama, sun belts special teams player of the year playing cb, a kid from Colorado in the secondary that is supposed to be good, a wv safety that is supposda be good.

I hate hearing Stevenson is probably leaving but good for him. The o line…well crap.

I have hopes.

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There’s a lot of hope, but we need King to come back. Without him I have no hope unless we get a transfer

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We will be better, but not as good as anyone hopes. Of course, all of us are speculating.

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I mean as long as we keep up with our we fire coaches that go 8-4 standard we will be ok. Where do we stand now?

To answer the question posed in the thread headline: No. Holgerson left WVU while he still had an exit option.

we have like 7 touted transfers sitting out…

we are also going to pick up a ton of touted transfers/juco this offseason…
im not that orried abut the defense


Let’s see. We have Eyabi Anoma, Kelvin Clemmons, Marcus Jones, Hasaan Hypolite, and Thabo Mwaniki sitting out this season due to transfer rules. Gleson Sprewell hasn’t played in months. Javian Smith was out for the year due to injury. There is a lot to like about our defense next season. Anoma, Turner, and Anenih on the D-Line next year is going to be awesome. Damarion Williams and Marcus Jones may be the best CB combo in the conference next season. Deontay Anderson is back. Gleson Sprewell is back. We add Clemmons, Hypolite, and Mwaniki at safety. It’s going to be ridiculous the upgrade in talent on defense next season.


I want to believe this but the transfers have not worked out that well yet.

We badly need a talent infusion and apparently we are getting that between transfers. And we should have a pretty deep second unit with all the game experience underclassmen got

But all the same I wouldn’t be shocked if we break out the redshirts next year too

Absolutely, the defense made great progress and with our transfers and recruiting will be quite good. The offense, obviously, needs more work, but with a year in the new system should be much better. The future is bright.


CB Colin Samuel (UCLA grad transfer) is also to apply for medical red-shirt

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We haven’t had transfers like this before. It’s a different age with the transfer portal. Not all will be great, but we basically have a whole new defense coming in. Much more talent and much more depth

The biggest thing will go back to the O-line. Hopefully the experience helped those guys.


Good catch. He’ll be quality depth.

To answer the original question, yep.

Any hope?


We need better quarterbacking, a more consistent offensive line…and BETTER DEFENSE!!!

In other words, that’s a pretty tall order.

But being the polly prez…I ALWAYS expect that we’ll deliver!


We are returning a huge amount of players with starting experience and adding a ton a transfers as well. We should be a MUCH better team. Coaching is not going to improve though.


In this league every team is one good safety and a couple of good plays away from being historically fantastic.