Electricity Providers

This heat wave is killing me with a high electric bill. Kids at home for summer so keeping the a/c on during the hot day. Got fed up and checked out energy ogre and they found a company that I never heard of to almost half my current rate. So we’ll see how much lower my bill will be. Anyone else use them?

Never tried them. I usually check Powertochoose.org and go with the lowest fixed rate plan. Switched last month to Discount Power for 10.7 cents kwh (from express energy 12.2 cents/kwh).

Powertochoose is kinda infuriating now…or maybe the power market because all the providers play games with the pricing and try to trick consumers into thinking they’re saving money with stuff like ‘your rate is x cents*’…with the * being that it’s that rate only if you use over 1000 kwh in a month and they give you a $100 or $150 bill credit. So, use just 999 kwh and you’re not getting that credit and now your rate just doubled basically. Seems like a racket.

What’s more…almost every single plan out there punishes consumers who use less electricity…with rates as high as 20 cents a kwh for the first 500.

My house is very energy efficient and I will only use over 1000 kwh a month like 4-6 times a year. I’d prefer just a flat rate but they’re getting harder to come buy.

Effing Texas electric market is total bs. These companies only add to the cost of electricity by being an extra, unnecessary, layer of distribution.

(yea…I’m venting!)

At least Energy Ogre is truthful…they just told me to stick to where I am…


Energy ogre has saved us and my mom thousands over the years. Best $10 a month you can invest - straight to your bottom line


Yea they analyzed my previous usage and got me 7.8 as a rate.

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I could have written the exact same thing. The plans usage pricing tiers make it hard to find the
best . Frustrating!

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Who are you using? I don’t see anything less than 11ish. Also how long is your term?

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Some company called value my power. 3 years.

Value Power? Interesting because they aren’t offering that on their website or power to choose, not even close.

Is that the all in fee including centerpoint delivery?

No its just the base rate. My usage might higher than yours so that might have affected the rates.

Ah, gotcha. I renewed a couple of weeks ago and was in the same ballpark. I locked in 39 months.

So 7.8 is the base rate then plus the centerpoint energy charge of like 3.7?

The 10.7 I recently got from Discount Power was total cost…but then it’s actually a little more because that’s based on 2000kw which I might never hit. Actuall charges for me will be more around 11 to 11.4.

I only locked in for 12 months. Looks like they spiked up the last month or so…but I’m still betting on prices going down next by spring.

I also thought about that but I think the early termination isn’t too bad. But it’ll have to drop by a large margin for me to switch.

I always look for contracts with low buyouts. My current one is only $99 if prices come down. It doesn’t take much to pay for that.


FYI in case people don’t know, your “energy company” is just the bill collector. they don’t create or transmit any power.
stay away from,any “free something” plan also make sure you know what the base charge and CP transmission fees are.
they’re also required to put what your actual full rate was on the bill


Thank bro.

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Every time I’ve switched I’ve taken a beating after 6 months.

I can tell ya this much.

I got my A/C bill yesterday, and it nearly FLOORED me.

With my elderly Mother in Law now staying with us, we have to run the A/C full-time during the day, and in this summer heat…the kilowatt usage and charges were staggering.


Yep, they’re an unnecessary layer that only adds costs and will screw consumers any chance they get.

Case in point…years ago I wasn’t paying attention and my contract expired (can’t remember the company)…so they automatically put me in their variable rate plan which was DOUBLE the rate of the plan I signed up for. Double. And not just double because rates had gone up…Double just because they were assh*les. Their advertised flat rate at the time literally half the cost…also they were advertising a different variable rate plan with lower rates! Total scam. By the time I got the shocker bill, in August no less, I not only had a months worth bill in my hand but another 2 weeks charges yet to be billed. Eff them all.

I never paid them and filed a grievance with some government agency I can’t even remember which/where. It eventually went to collections and I disputed it. They didn’t respond so it dropped completely off my credit.


That’s why energy ogre looks interesting. They are monitoring the plan for you.

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With energy ogre, a 5000 sq foot house, and a wife who has “an internal heater” :sunglasses:, our June bill was 234.43 and July was 235.68. Add $10 to each month for EOs service.

No comparing plans, tracking contract expiration, etc. I can’t even tell you who our retail electricity provider is and don’t care.

Ogre is a no brainer

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