Email to Applewhite from D’Onofrio

This is just sad and will probably make your blood boil.



“Missed tackles and finishing games were consistent issues.” No kidding.


Maybe we shouldn’t hire our coaches straight out of Boys & Girls Club football. Just a thought.


First google and now email. Maybe our first-time HCs should stay off the internet.

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Maybe Tony Levine can help Major find a DC, in between his shifts frying chicken

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A.J. Blum for DC.


Applewhite’s head is now on the chopping block for his dumbass Coaching hires in year 1.

Do you think he would get fired after this all time bad performance, guys

Tony could coach better D than this

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Not yet

And very unlikely. Considering we may still win 7-8 more games, it is unlikely Applewhite will get fired.

I’m talking about the DC

At the end of the season. His defense is still good against the triple option and run-based teams. The only struggles I see left in the schedule are USF and Memphis. We might take USF because it is at home.

Too bad UH lost. A gameday at UH would been nice.

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Take solace in that it wouldn’t have happened anyway.

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Yes. A UH vs USF at 7-0 in Oct 27. would of been likely

What a poorly written email! Lol that was brutal to read!

Got damn, didn’t know we had a bunch of English professors in this forum. :skull:

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Renu said we fire coaches with what record?

Yes misspelled God.:blush: