Encouraging game

Perhaps, just perhaps, that is what he was asked to do !

I don’t agree. Being a game manager is important In Holgerson’s offense. Case, Weedon, and Will Grier were. Being one means running the show and getting the ball to the best place on plays. Holgorsen thinks he’ll make the NFL. He hasn’t looked like a great QB, but he should be a RS freshman, and no one’s going to look all-world behind that offensive line. I think he’s going to be outstanding, but ideally both QBs would be back next year and Tune would redshirt. Look at the best QBs in the Leach-Holgorsen system. They’re usually always fourth and fifth year players because by that time they have become thoroughly familiar with the offense and understand where to get the ball


I dont get the whole he dosent impress me vibe about him…hes got an excellent arm and throws a beautiful ball along with his mobility. He actually reminds a bit of kevin kolb with slightly better wheels.


Agree, and I think he is a gutsy young man who played through a hamstring. I also think he is playing behind a decimated OL and has been following coach’s play calling…which was good enough for us to pull an upset win on the road.
The kid scored a touchdown rushing while only throwing 12 passes. He has shown when given time he is more than capable of running the offense.
I think he is our quarterback of the near future…and I don’t think King will be back to play wide receiver…


Slightly? I only recall one long run from Kolb… In the CUSA Championship. And he did look like he could’ve given Quick Six a good race on that run, but outside of that I don’t recall Kolb having Tune speed.

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Then I would argue that system is outdated and only leads to frustration and transfer portal additions. The QB position has changed significantly the past few years in CFB and the NFL. Underclassmen and rookies contribute and win. And they do it in “new systems” “patchwork OLs” “new coaches” and whatever the excuse of the week is. We’re 4-7 this year. The less players I see on the field next year from this year’s team the better. Sorry not sorry. And that includes QB.

2017-2018 mens basketball we all were sick of the NIT early round exits we wanted a step forward, we wanted to make the tournament. I said several times most of our upperclassmen “thanks for your service” but I wanted to see the newcomers. They eventually took over the starting roles and minutes turned into a great season.

Please name at least one underclassman college QB who was plugged into a new system mid-season behind a third string offensive line and contributed and won. Now do one with a third string offensive line and half the skill players redshirted.


For qbs playing in a new system, a revolving door in all 5 OL spots, hurt RBs and one of the top receivers sitting out certainly DO NOT get plugged in and have great seasons.
Anyone who thinks they have this game all figured out and knows how Tune will develop is just blowing smoke. What I can see that he does not have physical limitations so that is a good start.

Isn’t the real point that there isn’t a coach who wouldn’t want the benefit of having two QB’s with the skills and leadership qualities that both individuals have already demonstrated. Coaching them up – well, we know all about that. Appears that CDH has made it very clear that players who start are the ones that practice best. We’ll have the entire spring to see who “practices” best. I personally hope they both practice well and return to play next year.

Tune is definitely faster but I do remember kolb rushing for 140 yards against Tcu back in 2003!

I can see why some people would be apprehensive about Tune. If he can get out of staring down receivers I think he’ll be good. I’ll chalk that up to a paper maché offensive line that has made him a bit skittish. I am impressed with his speed. I’ll trust Dana on this one because I have no choice. I am intrigued by a King more familiar with Dana and a better line next year.

Andre Ware said on the telecast last night that DH told him at Texans training camp last summer that he thought a lot of Tune’s ability.

??? Washington State’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team QBs are all seniors. Murray and Hurts were/are 4th year players; Mayfield started his 4th and 5th years at OU. Seems to be working all right.

As vanilla as that game was, I am encouraged that the coaches seemed to have an offensive strategy that played to their strengths (glass half full). The total yards were anemic and 7 points came from the TD from the kick return but yet UH owned the clock.

Use this strategy (hopefully with a bigger playbook) next year with more resources on both sides of the ball and one can see some hope. Not a given it will translate to Ws on the field or better clock management in all games but at least there is a reason for hope at UH unlike other teams having disappointing seasons playing all of their cards.


Agree. They have to get the offensive line sorted out, but if they can I could see us being like Memphis offensively. The Tigers were 4th in rushing last year and are 35th this year with over 100 more rushes than passes. And Cincinnati was 15th nationally in rushing and is one spot above Memphis at #34 this season. Moreover, Memphis is completing 67% of their passes for 10 yards per attempt. Being able to run the ball always helps.


In case you didn’t see this blurb from SBNation:
Houston played good defense

After being eliminated from bowl contention, the Houston Cougars played relaxed and beat Tulsa. The weird thing about the game is their defense led the charge. A group that made improvements each week finally put together a complete performance, and even added a score of their own. Even while being outgained 380-231, the Cougars defense never lost focus or confidence and held Tulsa to 14 points. The 2018 season ended poorly for the Coogs, and was an indication of how this season would go. If Houston can play well and maybe even pull off a win next week, it might be an indication of the positive season they’ll have next year.”


We only had nine (9) completions all game. Clayton Tune was 8-of-12 for 89 Passing yards, and most of those came on screens. He’s not the answer folks. Also, we aren’t running the air raid offense. We are a running team. We only scored 24 points and 14 of those came from defense/ST. I think we should expect more at the QB position.

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I think many folks on this board are setting themselves up for failure as there is no guarantee we will be drastically improved next year. I think we will, but just because we have redshirted 35 guys doesn’t ensure success. Most likely we will be better, but by how many games is hard to predict. Perhaps we are a bowl team next year. I think that’s a lock. Thinking we’re going to win the conference, division or go undefeated is too much with all the moving parts and unknowns. At this point, we don’t know who the QB will be next year. I just think some should temper their expectations.

Can’t run the offense with 3rd string O-Linemen.

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You CAN’T be serious! No way if King returns it will be as a WR!