ESPN initial offer $24.5 million

You’re wasting your time believing anything that guy says man

Also you need to take any other “insider” with a serious grain of salt.

The insider that said that the Colorado Administration called Big 12 a “JUCO” league is full of s**t. Schools aren’t going to burn bridges at a time like this.

Nobody knows what’s happening, and if they say they do they’re most likely full of crap


Fox can negotiate in the window as well but have elected not to.

It’s not a given that opening the window will increase the offer. It could decrease it. Last time around the AAC took the window offer for fear that what we were offered on the open market would be worse. In the AAC’s first negotiation, we got one meager offer from NBC and we were stuck with that dollar amount.

That’s the risk the Pac-12 would be taking here. Either their media consultants told them it was worth the risk, or the offer is so bad in their eyes that they have to have to have taken it. Sheer has suggested that the final offer within the window may be higher (but thinks it will go to market).

Why do people think the XII will get more than the PAC when the PAC has better TV ratings (without USC/UCLA and Texas/OU)?

A lot of people are questioning the ratings comparison. Some of those arguments are better than others but one of the top complaints of Pac-12 programs are exposure-related which doesn’t square well with a lot high viewership. Some of that is Pac-12 network but not all.

Personally I think the ratings may fail to capture dropoff.

If those PAC revenue sharing numbers are accurate, it is easy to see why we are pursuing who we are…Not only closer geographically, but newer members paid a lot less than old, original PAC 8 members.


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A week ago said offer was 25 Mill per his source. This was July 18. Scheer seems to laugh at this guy too but his number is the same when you round the decimal out.

Crap talk him for all I care but he called USC UCLA to Big 10 earlier this year.

IDGAF if hearing his name or tweets mention gets panties twisted. He is entertaining and analysis on point.

Swaim on the other hand is a B12 troll/schill

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PAC makes 33 million per school on current contract. Both Fan Sided and 24/7 say new offer will be 24.5 million. Swaim also says it, so does Sheer… Clear thats the number, with so many confirmations…Considering what PAC lost, that is a very reasonable offer…but not enough to keep Big 12 from raiding them if that is what they want to do.

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He combs message boards and twitter for rumors, takes the plausible ones, calls them “sources” and posts. His sources are the internet.


I think the part under contention is the pie-splitting more then the sugar of the pie.

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So he hit the 25 Million on the nose when Scheer confirmed yesterday? Lucky guy.

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You should go all in on every one of his predictions. Including the ones he deletes later.

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There is an alleged new offer out there now.
Some of you will NOT like the source.
" new ESPN offer for PAC12. $320m per year for 12 years. All 3 tiers. Grant of Rights required or will come with a clause for reductions assigning each school a percentage of what their worth is to the overall contract. Previous offer for 24.5m was for 6 years"


I don’t like your source because this is the super serious realignment talk and…


Its on now…

Much worse for what they give up and potentially crippling 5+ years down the line.


That’s a heck of a deal for ESPN. For a third more money they get global media rights and a GOR for twice the time period … And … the right to reduce payments to any school that doesn’t sign the GOR

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$320 for 12 years is closer to what I would have expected. I also would not be surprised if that would include a 12 team PAC and the need to add a school in southern Cal plus one other market.

That time frame also takes it close to the end of the ACC deal. 10 year of potential stability before the reshuffling begins again to allow the B1G and SEC to do their break away.

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32 million a school for all 3 tiers? I would think the Big12 will offer a lot better deal than that to our target schools

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