Ex Slaves talk about Slavery in the USA

Less we forget!


Why do you hate America and have to deal in fsctual reality? JFK and his son are going to get you.

Why not interview one of the thousands of slaves living in Africa and other countries? Are we concerned about them?

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The word slave came from. slav a Caucasian people, . Slavery is not about people skin color or race or ethnicity. Its about one group of humans exploiting another one, that group believing there superior to another, and the enslaved deserve there lot to serve them through systemic violence and oppression.

The word slavery comes from the Latin sclava , meaning “Slavonic captive,” referring to the 9th-century slavery of Slavonic people, but it came to mean anyone in captivity, not just Slavs.

That old ex-slave at the beginning of the video got it right and the white author admitted it so. Admitting it initially made him angry at first but after thinking on what the old man said he had to admit the truth of what the old man spoke, unlike most of our White American brethen

Thanks for posting. I found that fascinating.

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You mean as opposed to using them for internet fodder I assume.

Constantly waving the laser does become tiresome.


It seems strange to me that someone that supports “America first” and “making America great” would suggest that we focus on slaves in Africa instead of the US.


The way I look at it is it’s a “never forget” moment. There is a fine line to cross to blame America first and letting that define who we are as a country today. That is NOT who we are today.

What I found most interesting about the interviews is that they were done in the 1940’s or so. When you think of slavery ending in the 1863, you think “oh…that was so long ago”. But, the freed slaves were still part of our society through WW2. It makes it a little more recent. Of course, that was 80 years ago, but I still have a hard time wrapping my arms around 1990 was 30 years ago. It feels like yesterday.

Agree, and some of the impacts of slavery are still here too.

We are the best country in the history of the world. But we still have plenty to learn from and make better. I’m not worried about what Africa does in this space either.

Why not? If slavery was wrong before, it’s still wrong now, no matter where it is.

Because I’m worried about America first and not deflecting to other countries doing worse.

It’s possible to do both at the same time and it’s not deflecting. You’re either concerned about human rights, or you’re not.

The comment above was a deflection. That’s my point. Some don’t really care about either.

Instead of commenting on the video (that I doubt was watched), it was immediately what about Africa? You don’t fix problems here with that mindset. We are better than others so we are cool.

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I don’t know about that. Like the old man said, you got that disease, honey, you think it your right to make me a human being, i have already have that right it was given too me just like you, now you can stop me from getting a job and have the police control and oppress me, but i am a human being i already have that right just like you. We’re not to far down the road from what the old ex-slave said. Funny the white author said it made him angry to hear the old man say this too him, his collective white ego getting in the way of the truth of the words the old man spoke, (other words i am different than the others, found out he wasn’t) like a lot of white folks today are, but after thinking about the wise words the old man spoke, he had to admit it was the truth. It’s call speaking truth to power, power doesn’t like the truth especially when it shows the wart and ugliness in each everyone of us,when exposed to the effervescent light of it


Ah, now I understand where you are coming from. Sometimes it’s hard for me to realize that message boards aren’t always 1 on 1 conversations.

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So, do you believe we are not better now than we were in 1870 or 1920 or 1950?

I’ve been here before.

Last time i looked white folks still control access to jobs, silicon valley recognizing this with their outreach programs to bring in more minorities. still control the police, because you have black faces as police doesn’t mean your not in control. The vast majority of our leadership from State Governors to U.S. Senators, Representatives, are non representative of the populace they govern in those states by design (it’s.called gerrymandering) states to dilute the majority minority voters. Naw much hasn’t changed. People just think it has Imho

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But I’ve “given” you so much already !

The epiphany moment.

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