Fabian White, knee injury


Possibly out for the season. Ouch!


Horrible news! If it’s Torn, you can take the possibly Out as far as being done for season. That’s 12 month recovery.

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We can offer someone in the portal a lot of playing time at the 4. Going to be interesting to see who becomes available. We’re going to be extremely attractive to a lot of people.

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He’s not playing this season.

More worried abt Fabian, i know u didn’t mean it that way but comes across as push him to side n move on. :grimacing::unamused:

Unfortunately, that’s the name of the game now. Wish him a speedy recovery. Now, we need to find someone to take his spot for this season.

Uhh I already said that. Don’t know extent of injury or severity so we need to wait.

Ok thanks. Whew🙄


That’s so tough, especially for it being his senior year. Welp, time to go shopping for a big.

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Would Fabian be eligible for a medical redshirt? Hope this isn’t the way his college career ends.

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Doesn’t need a medical redshirt, he can just use a regular redshirt … he hasn’t used his redshirt


Feel bad for Fabian, hoping for good health for him

Disastrous from a team perspective in regards to next year
When the doctors give the official recovery time, if it’s longer than January might be better to just redshirt him

Sampson once noted, we’d have known how good Gorham would have been if he Fabian want on the team, now we have a chance to find out

Desperately need to pick up a big now

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Won’t be surprised to see us linked to Justin Smith now.

I feel really bad for Fabian.

For our team this season this is a total disaster. Much worse than Nate leaving early. Fabian was the guy we could not lose.

Ced leaving really stinks now honestly. At the moment we could potentially really use him next year depending on how developed Roberts’ jumper is right now.

I’m sure we’ll reach out. Indiana fans would be very excited and wish him well playing for Sampson.



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Y’all think we can outbid LSU for Cisse?

That would be insane. Mainly because Memphis fans would lose their mind.