Fabian White, knee injury

Plus the leadership. Fabian was being looked to already as a de facto leader for next season. Now who? I know he can still lead from the bench but it just isn’t the same and he may not feel comfortable with it since he won’t have a chance to practice with the team at all.


What a blow to the season so far to lose Nate and now Fabian. Is there anybody in the portal or a HS senior that is available? Gorham and Roberts will really have to step now.

Justin Smith.

6’7 former top 100 grad transfer Justin smith, who just transferred 4 days ago is now the best big we might have a shot at

10pts 5rbs per…but yeah there arent many other touted guys out there

In the portal Smith is really it and there’s a long list of schools who have already been trying to get him.

Kene Chukwuka from Pitt is the next most noteworthy name and he averaged 3.9 and 3.5.

It’s possible someone new could become available though.

There is someone who could see the 4 just opened up in a big way at Houston and decide to enter the portal. Going to be very interesting to see it play out.

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Have to hope someone becomes available or possibly look for a Juco.

I think JUCO is pretty picked over at this point as well in terms of players who could really help us, plus we’d be tying up a scholarship for two years instead of 1 (and now Fabian’s ship won’t be opening next year either). Doubt we go that route, especially if Roberts has developed the range to space at least a little bit.

I tend to agree but the scholarship part wouldn’t matter since there will be 4 open still. Having someone come in this year and get experience wouldn’t be the worst thing. Having 4 new players next year isn’t ideal.

EDITED: Fabian is a very good player. He started every game for our 14th ranked in Kenpom team last year. He started the second half of the season for our 30 win sweet 16 team. We will definitely miss him.

Frontcourt is also where we are the thinnest.


We’re going to see how confident Kelvin is in Justin Gorham and J’Wan Roberts in the next month or two.

you cant look at a team and see who is good at what , you have to look at the teams needs.

hinton was a super top tier player- but his loss wasnt that big because we have a ton of guards …we can replace what we lost from hinton
fabian is a huge loss becuase we have no one to replace his production…fabian was our only touted big, our our proven low post scorer…there arent any other of those on roster …our “young rooks” that are bigs arent touteed for offense…

Even if it looks like we’re generally good on scholarships they aren’t going to tie one up into the future for someone who can’t really contribute. I could see us possibly adding a front court version of Goessling if we don’t add anyone in the next month (i.e. good practice body, great culture guy, good enough to fill some minutes in an absolute emergency) with the open ship this year but I’m near certain we wouldn’t do something like that with a JUCO with 2 years of eligibility.

Ok…ok…ok…please don’t flame me…this is a serious question. Any consideration for Broodo to take any of Fabian’s minutes…mainly for defense?


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Just trying to drive the conversation and look under all stones for a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:


Uhh sorry No ! Leave it there.

Coach has been high on J’wan Roberts coming off the redshirt. This is a big opportunity for him.

Wow, Hinton AND white? Now I’m actually a bit nervous for next season. I really hope dejon comes back.

How did he injure himself. especially with no practices yet? Wishing him a speedy recovery.