Fabian White, knee injury

Hurt himself working out

pretty terrible news…

we’ve gotta pick someone up to replace him ASAP

Don’t laugh, but Broodo will increase his minutes some. He plays solid defense and doesn’t make stupid fouls. But not the answer.

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Broodo is not getting any more minutes.

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lol at Broodo

He’s played like 20 total minutes in 2 years, all in garbage time. How have you concluded that his D is solid? I mean nobody should foul in garbage time so I guess it’s good that he doesn’t make stupid fouls then, but that also doesn’t really say anything.

Those guys plus Mark, Sasser, the role of on court leader(s) is wide open.

So sad to hear. He has made such great strides each year, I was looking forward to seeing his continued improvement in his performance this coming season. Now I hope he has a great rehab and will be ready for 2021.

Yes, at this point, no need to rush, take the full one year plus and work back in slowly so that he is completely ready.

All respect to Mr Broodo but he will not be getting any important mins if CKS and staff have a say. All teams have walk-ons such as him, even the Duke’s of the world have 1-2 sitting on the end of bench as walk-on. He’s worked very hard since he came on Campus but “it is what it is”.

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Jess, there is no “if” in CMS having any say. :wink: But maybe Broodo will have more PT because I see us having more garbage time this season.


How can we replace him with a player who already isn’t on scholarship? Aren’t we already at the limit?

Answered my own question, I think. Broodo isn’t on scholarship so we only played w/ 12 schollies last season. Minus Hinton, Alley and Harris that left us w/ 9. Add Mark, Shead and Powell as true Fr. and we’re at 12, leaving us with one available.

Yes. We came into the offseason 1 over and lost Nate and Alley putting us 1 under now.

If we don’t pick anyone up maybe they’ll put Broodo on scholarship for the season.

Waiting word on if Jarreau will return. With Fabian out, I think this becomes more important from a leadership standpoint.







Fabian’s got two things right for sure…we’re behind him…and, if anyone can bring that ACL back to form, it’s Coach Bishop.


I really feel for Fabian. The young man has been a true competitor for UH and a team leader. His on court presence will be missed. As for this season, I think we can overcome this injury and still go deep in the NCAA Tourney…

There is a silver lining to all this – next years team will have Fabian back to provide his leadership and gfive UH more depth – maybe even Final 4.

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so who fills in here? Roberts and Gorham?

Gorham showed flashes of greatness last year but they were very few and far between. I don’t know the first thing about Roberts.

Fabian will be missed, greatly, but I think we’re still in good position, we’ve got so much talent on this team.