Fabian White

Hey guys, I’m out of the country and partially followed the game on ESPN game cast.
Seems like White had a good start with plenty of points, but he only got a few minutes in the second half. Just wondering if he got injured. Or why Was he statistically quiet in the second half. Thanks in advance.

He was fine.
Ced Alley was playing great defense and got some minutes.
And they focused the scoring on slashing to the basket by Jarreau, Hinton, etc.

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They were still jawing after the game … white thought the trash talk was funny …

Not challenging anything but why would Mills grab his groin if he was having an allergic reaction.

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I think it’s pretty commonly understood that most men are allergic to other people’s knees.


Coach said in the post game that when UCF went to one big and 4 guards, he sat White and Gorham and put in Ced because Ced guards guards better than White or Gorham

The opposite was true vs Georgia Tech and Washington. They played with a 4 and 5 so Ced didnt see the floor much, maybe not at all vs Washington.

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