Facilities update

Still never forget PBRCoog and me in the coaches area of the then new facility. Tom had just been there a couple of weeks. Up walks Tom and starts talking to us. The then second in command AD Robinson comes running over at us to leave him alone and asking Tom if he wanted to have us removed. Tom said NO and proceeded to talk to Larry and I for a very long time like he had known us forever.

Then i was sitting by Randy Randel at a baseball game and Tom came up and sat next to us. Tom loved baseball and we talked about the 1960’s era Baltimore Orioles with Hank Bauer as manager for most of the game. Jut a very gracious great guy.


Dana Dimel was also a great guy to hang with. Hell he’d have a beer(s) with you after practice. Still remember Dana D in the H Room for basketball games. He could put em down :slight_smile:

I always said Dana D was the UH HC I would most want to tailgate with.

This is EXACTLY the time to ask for new toys. If you can’t ask after a Final Four you can never ask.

“Lordy, buy me a Mercedes-Benz, my friends all have Porches, I must make amends”


I think what we are missing at FC is a national championship flag…


Just get some PS5’s and call it a day.

Will be extremely interesting to see what happens with our Facilities.

Our University is just astonishing!

Amen. New bells and whistles within the FC will not accomplish what a NC banner hanging from the rafters will accomplish. If not a NC, I’ll settle for another 3 or 4 Final Four banners.

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But wouldn’t all of those things be tied together? Better/ latest facilities and equipment = better recruits= Final Four/ Championship. I think that’s Sampson’s ultimate goal is that elusive Natty.

Duke plays in a dump

But they play in the ACC


Tom always loved an audience!

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Kidding. I’m a man, I’m forty. I have no idea what the kids are talking about until 3 years later.


They may play in a historic old dump but I would imagine their training facilities are top notch along with sports medicine areas, rehab areas, dining and nutrition, staff offices, locker rooms and other crucial infrastructure are pretty darn nice


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