Fall Football? Maybe!

I am a die hard Cougar fan and season ticket holder. Unfortunately I live in the once clean and beautiful City of Austin (now a garbage dump). Today on KLBJ radio Sports Talk there was discussion about UT games. Some were predicting no games or large gatherings through the end of the year, but host Ed Clements (former UT player) chimed in to set the record straight. UT rules this town (has more power than any local yokel) and he indicated that plans are definitely moving forward for Fall Football at Darrell K Royal Stadium! In this case I do believe that other big schools including UH will join the movement and design a plan for our games at TDECU. Who knows? Perhaps just season ticket holders to start?


What a novel topic



I live in Georgetown, I thought Ed Clements went to U of San Marcos?

You might want to watch to see how European soccer progresses.

I’m resigned to no football, but I hope to be surprised.

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Yes Ed did go to San Marcos but is a HUGE Longhorn.

Ohio State is saying they are planning 20%+ capacity.

I wonder how they pick who gets to attend?

20% capacity at tOSU = normal attendance at UH games. Just spread out.

Maybe for this season make all seats the same price and make them all GA. I bet more people would be there for kickoff!

NCAA starting to break loose from the ice per the below article:

An NCAA vote Wednesday cleared the return of student-athletes to campus in football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball on June 1 through June 30, multiple sources told Yahoo Sports. This decision ends a moratorium on all athletic activities through May 31.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a rush back to campus for those three sports, as those decisions will be made in concert with state government, local government, conference and university officials.

But the NCAA Division I Council’s vote on Wednesday afternoon marks a significant step – both symbolically and in process – for the possibility of college football and other sports returning in the fall.

Hey capital coog, it’s ur season ticket holder behind u, hope y’all are safe and staying healthy, say hello to everyone for us!

this sounds like a lot of huge longhorns


Not sure I would put much weight on callers to sports radio shows (well any type of radio show) for predictions on the Fall. So far I don’t think I have seen any major football school east of the Rockies talk of not having students in the fall.

(There may be some, but I have not seen the articles or postings from school sources)

I just don’t understand why so many are in major denial of COVID-19. It is now destroying infants hearts. What’s next? Why are so many of you thinking it will be OK to attend FB games this fall? Are you willing to go into our horrible Men’s rooms and stand next to someone you don’t know? Get in line for a beer with a semi-drunk spewing all over the back of your head? I have renewed both FB and BB season tickets. If for some very dumb reason games are played with fans in attendance, I’ll give my tickets to anyone that wants them. Texas was reopened and in just a few days had the highest reported new cases.


Hey Bandera! Good to hear from you. Stay safe and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for football.

Yes. I will go to games and sit next to strangers. This virus with a 99.99% survival rate for those under 50 (real stats, look it up) has been in the U.S. undetected since January if not before. Many of us have gotten it and will get the virus regardless of lock downs or social distancing. If you are in a vulnerable population, stay home.


I will go (masked or unmasked is still TBD) but I am also going to the grocery store and home improvement store now – the latter is not essential but I have time on my hands and am doing projects around the house.

I have been following Peak Prosperity on YouTube regarding the pandemic updates so I can steer clear of the “mainstream” news outlets and the pandering to both sides of the aisle. This virus is not going away so I feel like I can do one of two things: 1) wait and see if the gov’t will increase taxes to try to implement a universal basic income high enough to support everyone who cannot work while we sit at home; or 2) go on with life in this COVID-19 world which may require me to wear a mask while in more crowded areas.

Regarding the children and COVID-19, I think it is a risk but not a very high one. I definitely don’t want my kids to get it. But I also don’t want them to spend the next 3+ years living a virtual life either due to a low probability danger and miss out on what might be the final years of their grandparents.

Even though this is a mainstream news outlet, it helps to frame some of the COVID-19/children danger: At least 85 kids across U.S. have developed rare, mysterious COVID-19-linked illness

I can tell this pandemic is having a significant impact on you. I am hoping for the best for everyone but we will all have to make decisions for our families. Hopefully we can all respect that each of us is in a different situation and there is no one right way to approach living in this pandemic.


Can you imagine if UH had an electric year and the stadium was filled and rocking? The narrative from UTA: “how dare Houston endanger people’s lives by filling their stadium”

Not only will there be football. But there will be football with fans and tailgating.


There has to be, I always fly in for at least one Thursday game!