Fall Football? Maybe!

Turn off your TV.


So I am moving on to graduate school at the Evil Empire and am looking forward to Fall Football. It seems to be a thing there so far.

A client of mine is high up in the football food chain. He said there would be football. When is the question.

FYI I’m hearing that the Indy 500 probably isn’t happening

Too much to lose by not playing. Makes sense.

The aggies and the whole SEC has said that they are planning for football this year. Ohio State has told their football players what day to report back. I would bet that most of P12 with the exception of the California schools are likely to be playing.

Let’s make this a covid thread. So the powers that be say it takes 2 weeks to catch, test and figure out if we are okay but boom, we double our testing and we have more cases and it is blamed on reopening and not more testing. 8000 people die everyday. It is part of life. In New York, Pennsylvania and jersey the average age of death is 79. So we should focus on that and not spreading our focus so thin that it effects no one.

I would love your tickets when we open up.


I dont think anyone is going to have a full stadium…let’s just enjoy football whatever way we can have it.

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Interesting isn’t it. Until we reopened the state, it took 14 days for the virus to incubate; but if the state is open it only takes 72 hours. Does that sound strange to you? It certainly does to me.


Power 5 is forcing the issue and forcing fellow system schools to reopen to prove their point (Texas A&M) but those schools are in way different situations

Lincoln Riley’s comments were on point

Does not sound strange to me.

From the CDC:

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness.

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus.

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Hypothetical - So we have 20,000+ attend Rice game. Then within the next 2 to 14 days 5,000+ in attendance test positive. What do you do then?

Hypothetical - so we have 20,000 attend the Rice game and all the other games all season long. Then more folks come to the realization that the risks of getting the virus were a bit overblown.

What do you say then? Go Coogs!

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Hypothetically if that happened I would hope it is a bunch of people under the age of 75 not living in nursing homes or with pre existing conditions.

I would also be curious about the positive testing and if it was conducted by the cdc and if they fixed their issues yet.

And then I would still go to the next game. Because chances are I am still safe. If we have a .3% chance or dying under the age of 45 if we get the virus…then my math says I am pretty safe. Probably safer than driving home after everyone has been drinking.


Back to the bubble.

There might be 4000 test positive after the game… but there is a higher chance that NONE of them were at the game.


If I come and the ticket office was willing to sell me my tickets for both football and basketball today, I will be wearing a mask and trying to social distance as much as possible. I just want to be one of the 15 to 20 thousand allowed into the stadium. I would be happy limiting the total attendance to that number and be willing to allow different people to come for alternate games to keep people involved.

I’m starting to get behind the idea of letting fans in. There needs to be liability protections in place for UH, though. 20,000 just seems like a lot.

This is correct, but you are using the extremes of Covid to justify the norms. It is rare for symptoms to appear within 2 days. The average is 5-6 days for symptoms to appear and most show by 12 days with a few extremes waiting 14 days to show symptoms. Look at the normal spreads, infection rates and death rates, and this is not that scary. The media likes the extremes because they care about viewer ratings, not balanced news.

Yes, this virus can be unsettling for some and understandably so. These people should take the precautions they feel they need to within their own lives to be comfortable.

The shut downs have never been about eradicating the disease or eliminating the transmission. It is about spreading it out so hospitals are not overwhelmed. The charts showed that by having stay at home the spread would actually last longer on the charts, just not peak as high. The disease will not be eradicated, people have to live with it and with over 30+ million claiming unemployment, that is a huge price to pay to save 10-20,000 lives when we already have over 2.5 million die every year in the US normally. Death happens, sickness happens, putting society in a hole will not stop it.


More than likely that only 15 to 17k will actually show. That is not counting students who will bunch in one end neat the band.

Hey! That’s us! With the flags and everything!