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I’m a huge baseball fan. I’ve had season tickets for years. Personally, I go for the game itself, so As long as they’re playing I’m there. But a Cougar baseball game used to be a special even. It was a lot more fun than it has been the past few years. The fan experience at the baseball games has gone down significantly. I honestly think since the basketball team started gaining success, baseball took a back seat.

The concessions were fantastic. They used to have a giant grill with hamburgers. Friday’s used to have $1 popcorn, $2 hot dogs, $3 Coke and $4 beer. Now Friday’s are just $7.13 nachos.

Tuesday’s also used to have $2 hot dogs. Now it’s just $2 “nachos.” The Tuesday night nachos even nachos. If’s just a bag of Doritos with gas station cheese dumped in it.

The in game production has gotten lazy. They no longer show stats, or prior at bat info for the player at the plate. They have a “Great moments in Cougar baseball History” segment, but it’s been the same exact video every single game this year.

Giveaways used to be fun too. I remember getting really cool green Koozies on St Patrick’s Day. They used to have posters every year that had the schedule on them. This year, they have the poster, but nobody thought to put a schedule on it.

They used to have stat sheets readily available during every game. They had it once that I recall this season.

I’m not saying this to be a whiner or a complainer. I just hope that they can return to the fun night out that it used to be. Of course winning like they have been won’t hurt either.


I agree it has been going downhill for several years just like our results. Situation around baseball has been very strange had all that momentum from hosting regionals. Then new facility took forever to be finished and program just stagnated.


About a decade and a half ago, I got a really cool UH baseball T-shirt at one of the games.

Do they still give 'em away?

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They have a T-Shirt toss. But I can’t remember the last time they had something they handed out to everybody.

2017 they had throwback replica jersey giveaway. During T-shirt toss they usually throw out about a total of four.

In 99 or 2000 my brother did some kind of bat race where they spun around then raced around the bases. It maybe was during the game.

I can’t speak for what it really used to be but the experience is average at best.

They used to toss 5 or 10 shirts after every Coog home run and double play turned. I also seem to remember 5 or 10 cent hot dogs. Sure, they took a loss on that, but it was about boosting attendance. $2 hot dogs and nachos still produce a really good profit margin. I do like the $2 Tuesday tickets; I just wish they’d play teams that were worth the effort of driving to the ballpark to see the game.


Everything about the baseball program has become apathetic……it should be riding the momentum that basketball and football created but instead has managed to digress……baseball and women’s basketball are running a close race for most disappointing sports.


I think that’s true for all sports, but winning is distracting most people from noticing it with football and basketball.

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I have not been to a baseball game this year, but that is sad to hear. I would also go (even by myself at times) just to watch a baseball game regardless of how our team is doing. Friday was def the night my buddies and I would go as it was cheap beer and dogs night.
I could tell by the lack of social media recently by the baseball account that they have taken a backseat. I remember they would do giveaways during christmas on social media

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These are great suggestions to bring back! Our atmosphere around 2017 was wonderful…

I don’t have direct control or oversight on the budget/resources toward in-game experience, giveaways, etc. but as the PA announcer since 2012, I’ll loop in our marketing staff on these suggestions for improvements.

Always open to hearing how our fans feel we can improve the experience at Schroeder Park!

Go Coogs!


Is it possible to hook up an organ or keyboard to the sound system and invite Moore’s students over?


Another thing I’ve noticed this year. I know how crotchety I’m about to sound here. The staff are really unprofessional this year. They’re always arguing with each other in front of customers.


You’re not being crotchety at all. Few games I’ve been to this year it’s just sad how far the entire experience has sunken. The entire program needs a reboot.


The biggest thing I tried to sell to the Astros and general Houston fans was “need some baseball? come here during the lockout!”

The Tulane game on Saturday was nice. Felt like a minor league game. Heck, TAMU does great with in game experience when I went out there for the UH game.

Things I would suggest:

  1. bring back baseball tailgate
  2. hook up an organ and get moores students to do performance credit there
  3. bring back the weird food options. the hot dog with barbecue tips on it was amazing in 2018.
  4. maybe food truck outside of the ballpark? put it outside of a gate and just have a line where people can’t sneak in.
  5. dedicate a student section. right now it’s just general admission. have spots dedicated to students. they’re doing that for soccer and it’s kinda fun standing behind the goal to heckle around.
  1. Have a good team.

We had 1. From 99-06 CALP was an awesome tailgate. UH ran it off, good luck ever getting that back.


I remember those days.

Good times!

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I wasn’t back in Houston in those years. What do you mean CALP?

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Chug-a-lug Park


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