Favorite Cougar Game?

1976 Vs UT in Austin. Won 30-0


I loved all of our wins over the Teasips. But that day in Austin in 1988, I saw so many of their fans who just looked lost and totally without hope. I just loved every second of it.


Favorite games have to be the come back vs Memphis and Pitt, 34-35 baby.


Too many to count, but I have only stormed the field twice after a Coog win,
after the goal line stance to win the CUSA against SMiss in Robertson, what a game and Rice Stadium in 1989 after beating Rice and capped a Heisman season for Ware. I can remember many a time driving with my dad on a Saturday listening to UH games on the car radio.

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I said '78 because it was such a huge game. Texas was 6-1 and ranked #6. UH was 7-1 and #8. It was pretty much the game to determine who would win the SWC, and it was the most well-attended event in Texas up to that point. It was a great defensive struggle with UH coming out ahead, 10-7.


I will always remember how great it was to come back from a half time deficit and beat Baylor in Waco in 1976 at our first ever SWC game, 23-5. MAN, was it hot, but what a great day!


My favorite cougar game is bingo, always a bunch of cougars playing bingo at the local hall.

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That is the way they have looked for the last 10 seasons

That game is my all-time favorite as well. I’ll never forget the Aggie lady in front of me who started crying after Spoon scored that TD.

I just watched the replay, i forget how exciting that game was. Looked like we had decent travel party.
Favorite game has to be one you personally attended

A little information for those that hate Texas, for those that think Texas never cared about us.

Twice back in the day, attendance records were set at UT in Austin in games against us. This is a school with a long time rivalry with A&M and Arkansas back in the same time period.

Texas fans have only stormed the field and torn down the goal posts once in their history. That was when they beat Houston.


Georgia 15-14,
Texas 30-0,
Nebraska 17-14
A&M 17-14
Texas 66-15
Florida State 38-24
Oklahoma 33-23

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Yes, at that time the highest attended football and basketball games in state of Texas history, pro or college had one thing in common………

UH !!

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Me too


The Texas Tech game. Most thrilling victory in my Coogs fandom history.

I would say my favorite games were the 1976 and '79 Cotton Bowls. Playing in the big time and proving we belonged was huge.
Saw so many other great games including our home win against a heavily favored Agy bunch at Rice Stadium…could write a book on that game lol.
Going back even further the 1969 thrashing of a solid Tulane team in the Bluebonnet Bowl was something to watch. I will always believe that our Cougars were as good as any team in the country at the end of that year.
I was in Austin when both teams were ranked in the top 10 and we came away with a sweet 10-7 win. More recently the Peach Bowl was a proud moment for this old Coog and I was certainly thrilled at the way we beat Auburn on their home turf last year…once again I am hoping this is a Coog statement that this program is back…


I got into an “argument” at this game with the girlfriends (girlfriend-S) of a uta booster (he brought three, or should say, it appeared that he’d “bought” three) about my comments re the Horn defense. One of them told me to not upset him because he’d just had open heart surgery. I looked at him and called him a “stupid F” and asked why he was even at the game. They all left.

I started to make this a separate thread thinking perhaps some would agree with me that it deserved it. The reasoning behind my thinking will be apparent later.
Our posters have selected several games as their favorite. Good selections all but mine, because of my advanced years, is not generationally limited. It is a story I have told before and will continue to share until the day when I am called to my (hopefully) luxury suite upstairs.
It is September 1967 and we are an independent-no conference affiliation. Future Hall of Fame Football coach Duffy Daugherty agrees to help out one of his former assistants by scheduling a game with the former assistant’s university where he is now head coach. He has been head coach for just a few years but initiated the integration of athletics in his southern state. This is the first game of the season and DD’s team is ranked either #1 or #2 depending on which poll your read.
As for my part in this story I have been married for two years. Our first son will be born the following year. I am a young lawyer with Fulbright and Jaworski making $600.00 a month. But there is an alumni flight to East Lansing for the game. So my wife and I scrape up enough money to go on the old Russian passenger plane. When we take off with Shasta on board the plane is full of alums of all ages. Shasta draws a big crowd when we are getting off the plane. I needn’t tell you about the game details as they will be evident. Our Coogs won beating the #1 team in the country 37-7. At the airport in East Lansing the guy comes on TV with the day’s scores saying “This can’t be right. I think they have reversed the scores” as he is reading the results of our game. When we arrive back at Hobby there is a throng of fans and supporters who have turned out for the team.
Getting to my surprise I finally after all of these years have found a video of the game. It is below. I don’t remember all the numbers but #42 is Wonderous Warren McVey, #46 is Paul Gipson and #23 is Kenny Hebert. I know the video because of its age is not the quality of what you would normally see but hit your “F” key and take it to full screen. You won’t be disappointed.
So my favorite Cougar game is this one because THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. And I was there.

On the Banks of the Red Cedar| MSU Football vs. Houston, 1967


No doubt. That was the game that gave us national recognition.


The 60-40 game, cemented me as a die hard cougar fan.

I had a class with Johnny Jackson and he got a standing O that monday in class.