Fertitta Student Section

Umm it doesn’t?? lol… outside of the handful of those who are constantly whingeing about it, most seem to be completely ambivalent and do not care or don’t think it’s an issue. The same 5-8 people ragging on our current students and using sus euphemisms like “traditional” students isn’t widespread, much less unanimous, support.

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We don’t do that here. Conference realignment threads should have told you that.

It’s a lottttttt more than it used to be.

Also you see a lot of non-traditional students at games, the alumni these days don’t know what they’re talking about. At least in the CV3 area it’s officers/section leaders up front, less loud people behind them, those who want to stand behind them and just watch and those are mostly older/non-traditional students.

I still take advantage of the courtside stuff with my tix but might move to 109 starting next season if I end up at games. Depends on the friendos there :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure why UH decided to put the students behind the announcers table and the courtside seats. Since the broadcast cameras are behind the students, you do not see them in the stands. I suggest they move the students to the permanent seating behind the baskets. That way they get great visibility on TV and can distract FT shooters.


It’s literally the same people…


I noticed this in the OK State game. Front row of students were very involved, students in the back were mainly on the phone. There’s a difference of students who are truly fans of the program, versus students who go to games just do something or be seen with friends. Unfortunately, we can’t control that and just hope students keep selling out their section.
I think there needs to be a chant or song that riles up the student section that they can sing every game. When I went to the KU game, they seemed to have a schedule of chants or songs they all sing in unison. Simply jumping up and down all together made it a very intense atmosphere. I was a Coog during 06-11 where student involvement was non-existent. I am happy to see where it has grown now.

I am one who has complained about our student turnout and participation from students but I had nothing but good things to say about them the last couple of games. They even got into the game against OSU, especially after coach got ejected.
I also think that by moving them behind the baskets is a great idea. I really wouldn’t want to sit behind the band either especially in the first two or three rows behind the band. I would imagine it’s hard to look over those tall tuba players.
But yes I am one who has been critical, but now I am trying to come around. Can’t wait to see the crowd when horn comes to town next week.


Why aren’t the fans behind the baskets not doing their jobs?


Cause you can’t even bring in an umbrella let alone an inflatable dancing man.


Agreed 100%. If we can get all the students move closer to the court like the sideline students section, I think they will be more involved and be louder than where they’re at right now.

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BYU says WHAT?,


What do you do with existing season ticket holders in sections 117 and 118 ?

Yes, it’s okay to teach the freshmen this stuff. Organized is good. Things looks better when everyone is on the same page and in unison. No shame in having to teach the traditions to the newcomers

  1. I’d like to know what motivates so many to constantly bring this up. It’s silly. The number of times I see it makes me believe it is not a coincidence. 2. Students are in line to get tickets hours before the gate opens. The student section is always full and plenty loud. To whit. 3. I have an app on my smart watch that warns me when the environment is too loud. I only see this at the Fertitta Center. It’s plenty loud. 4. If you have a beef with the school or Tillman, take it somewhere this bitching will do some good. I don’t think any of us here are in a position to rearrange and/or rebuild the arena.

I wish the moderators would take these misleading photos down and combine all the attendance threads into one.

Can we get some students to wear some red and white striped overalls? And while we’re at it, we should get the band to wear those throwback Phi Slama Jama Were’s Waldo rugby shirts.


Take their money and put them behind the band. People who pay for tickets are not needed since we are now flush with cash . . . . .

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Forgive my naïveté, how many students does the Fertitta allow? 1000?

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I haven’t had to grip anything in a long time. :sunglasses:

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This guy spitting hot fire!

All of the above, please!