Final AP Poll - UCF gets 4 1st place votes, Memphis and USF also ranked

UCF finishes 6th overall, USF 21st, Memphis 25th. Only other non-P5 team is Boise State at 22

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Final AP Polls
Since American started

10 UCF
15 Louisville

16 Boise St
23 Marshall
25 Memphis

8 Houston
18 Navy
24 W Kentucky

16 W Mich
19 USF
25 San Diego St

21 USF
22 Boise St
25 Memphis

9 American teams finished ranked (3 Top 10)
6 G4 teams finished ranked (0 Top 10)

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Everyone is going to focus on the 4 that voted UCF #1, but the real idiots are the ones who ranked them outside of the top 10. These guys should have their credentials taken away they are everything wrong with college football. They believe in segregation. I’m glad my kids aren’t in their school district. They probably also root for Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas in the basketball tournament.


The disturbing revelation of the stat is that we are listed only one time in the Top 25 over the past six years.

My personal bias is clearly evident when I say that we should be in the Top 25 every year.

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Kudos to those that had the spine to vote for UCF


Here’s your #1 voters -

Ed Daigneault, Waterbury (CT) Republican-American
Ryan Aber, Oklahoma City Oklahoman
Safid Deen, Orlando Sentinel (their FSU beat writer at that)
Sam McKewon, Omaha World-Herald


thank you Sir

Most boring season ever.

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That’s exactly what the Knights deserved. A handful of first-place votes and knocking on the door of the top five.

Plus an entry into an expanded playoff

I don’t think the Associated Press poll has the power to do that.

They sure don’t , but just talking about what UCF deserves

The rubber meets the road when the Colley Matrix and the Anderson Hester rankings come out. Those are recognized as two of the six NCAA official rankings during the BCS. Before the champ game, UCF was #2 and Georgia #1 in both. If they are ranked #1 now in two of those polls, it is a reasonable argument for a disputed national championship… for real.

Billingsley - UCF #3
Massey - ?, but UCF was #8
Wolfe - UCF #2
Sagarin - UCF #13

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I think it would behove the AAC to monitor the individual voting of all members of the AP and other polls in respect to AAC teams each week and publish the voting or otherwise the end of the year votes will never be nothing but biased. To go a step further the AAC should also monitor what schools continually turn down playing against AAC teams and then schedule (probably) less competitive teams…

These are how the guys ranked UCF, but who also didn’t rank both Memphis or USF. Possible bias against non-P5.

Eric Hansen - 6 - The South Bend Tribune (South Bend, IN) - tOSU
Keith Sargeant - 3 - Asbury Park Press (Neptune, NJ)
Kellis Robinett - 5 - Wichita Eagle (Wichita, KS) - Kansas Univ
Kirk Bohls - 5 - Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) - Whorn U
Soren Petro - lone lowest ranking 10 - Sports Radio 810 WHB (Leawood, KS) - Syracuse Univ.
Andy Bitter - 7 - The Roanoke Times (Roanoke, VA)

It is completely beyond me how anyone could rank UCF outside the top 4. But even if you go solely on them not making the playoff, how in the world can you rank them below 5??? Ridiculous!

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I live in KC (Leawood is a suburb of KC) and Soren Petro is a tool. Can’t stand listening to him, he just says controversial stuff just to be different or have some sort of a “hot take”

Seems like every market has its own Josh Innes.

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Memphis, UCF, USF have each been ranked at the end twice.
Navy and Houston, once.

We need to fix that next year!

Clearly these four teams need to be recognized as carrying the water for the conference.