Final Four Tickets

Obviously a weird year. But I will do anything to be in attendance and I’m willing to pay. Easy drive for me from Chicago. DM me.

Let this be a thread to anyone who wants to find tix.

My brain is going to explode. Go coogs


I need one. I’ll figure out a way to get up there

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Put me down also for 1 on making inquiries! How long is the drive from Dallas? lol

Everyone wants one now lol

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Seems that the bandwagon is loading up . . . . .


I’m looking for a ticket as well

Look early on Ticketmaster if you aren’t a Cougar Pride donor. WHEN we win game 1, tickets will be even more available on Ticketmaster.

Put in our request through the ticket office on Sunday for two. Hoping we get them through the school, secondary market is crazy right now. I have 98.2 CP points, not sure that’s gonna be enough to get me there.

Put my request in with the ticket office on Sunday. Crossing my fingers that we get tickets. Went ahead and booked flights and hotel. I’ll pay the market rate if I can’t get them through UH. Can’t miss this.

How did you put your request? I don’t see this option on the UH Ticket Office site…

Yeah… just looked at the resale market and I’m out. Anyone got any info on any Celebration event(s), regardless of outcome, planning going on for next week back in Houston?

They sent an email on Saturday. I signed up as soon as I received it.

We are supposed to find out if we get tickets today.

I HATE that the Final Four is happening on Easter weekend. My brother is coming down from Tennessee since he couldn’t make it for Christmas because of covid, so a trip to Indy won’t happen for me. But, my younger brother went to Baylor, so I’m really hoping we can curb stomp Baylor on Saturday to make up for the fact that I can’t be there in person.

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Has anyone reserved tickets through the ticket holder request deal? I’ve already been charged obviously, but not sure if the same “get the call” applies here. I left a VM with my guy in the CP office and waiting to hear back.

Has anyone heard from the ticket office yet? Getting close to that 1:00 p.m. timeframe. I’ve booked flights to Nashville and hotel in Nashville and Indy, plan is to fly into Nashville and stay Friday night, then drive up to Indy Saturday morning.

I haven’t heard anything yet…I request 2 for the final 4 awhile back

Just talked to ticket office. They’re telling me they’ll know by either EOB today or early tomorrow. I imagine they’re pretty swamped.

Oh wow, I thought they were going to let us know by 1 today.

well…full disclosure…it wasn’t my CP rep. I was impatient and called the ticket office. I got a regular ticket rep, so its possible that’s still the case.

Anybody have a hunch where secondary prices will settle in the coming days? I live in the northeast now, so I haven’t had season tix in a few years, so from the ticket office isn’t happening.