Finally a med to help lose weight

Tirzepatide …

A diabetes type-2 drug has been found to help patients lose 21% of their weight …

Still in trial … one observer did state that it will cost $1000/month …

Then another five years before it becomes a cheaper generic …

That or expensive/painful surgery

Interesting looks like a viable alternative for those who for whatever reason can’t have the surgery. At a 1k a month and some of the possible side effects you’d really be hard pressed to convince me that the surgery still isn’t the way to go off I’m physically able to have the surgery.

Surgery is 11k out of pocket if insurance doesn’t cover it so in 11 months you would need to lose the 20% of the weight or the economic benefits would be neutralized. Given the side effects and how much further and better the surgery has become and the loss is more permanent because I’m guessing if you do this injection that weight is going back quickly I still say surgery would be the right choice for the majority of people

What is the alternative surgery?

The common one performed these days is a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Essentially they remove two thirds of your stomach taking it from sack to sleeve. This method had really reduced complications and recovery from the previous methods.

I’ll see if they sell it in Mexico when I border cross next month. Probably, $50 in Mexico

Or eat better and exercise. That can work. But that is hard.


This is my weight loss method of choice… Diet is definitely the major factor in weight loss.

But the side effect of any surgery is death. Had a good friends daughter die while having gastric bypass surgery.

Sorry for their loss was this recent or one of the older surgeries? The original bypass and bands were well known for their high rates of complications and yes higher frequencies of death.

The most used technique now has better outcomes than c-sections these days.

My whole take is of you are in a position where this medication or surgery is necessary for this sort of drastic weight loss then the singular most important thing is to get the weight off. If one believes that they posses the abilities to do it through diet and exercise, great do that. If they think they need the help of having better habits forced upon them, that’s fine too. Get the weight off to improve your life and health outcomes, and don’t let anyone who’s not yourself or someone who has a MD in their title change their mind.

My dad used to say that there is no such thing as a routine surgery. Only get it if you absolutely have to.

I think ozempic has been found to help with weight loss also. It’s a diabetes control drug but some docs script it for weight loss.

I had a wicked allergic reaction to that drug. Landed me in the hospital for a couple of days.


It’s hard and takes a lot of time. There are so many pitfalls during a year. I’ve dieted on and off for a couple of decades…this is generally how my year would go…

Post Easter…finally start to diet.
Lose 30 Lbs by the end of summer… Hurray!
End of September…its now Candy Holiday time…*hit.
October…slip and start eating said candy.
November…now its pie season.
December…now its candy and pie season.
January…now I’ve gained 20 lbs back.
February…start thinking about dieting again but the Girl Scouts arrive with my Thin Mints and now I’ve gained another 5.
March…Easter Candy hits the shelves…and I’m off to gain another 5 and negate the dieting I did last year completely.
Post Easter…lather, rinse, & repeat.

Last year I broke the cycle. I’m down +50 and set to go below the Mendoza Line in a couple weeks…for the first time this century.



Pretty sure byetta does the same thing. I am diabetic and took it for two years and lost 100 pounds.
It’s a shot and some doctors are now prescribing it to patients. I am on pills now (Trajenta) along with Metformin but I now have to work on staying at same weight.
Have several members who had the surgery in Mexico, some are doing while others quickly gained back the weight they lost plus more

It takes a lot of discipline and it takes time. No one got fat in one day. I know a lot of folks that try for a week and lose 2 lbs and quit because it is just too hard. It is also hard for your heart to keep pumping when you are obese and eat crap food all day. Start slow and easy. Non impact work outs like elliptical sand bikes. Track calories before you get into macros. Say no to bad food. It is hard, but I assume living is worth it. The high failure rate of gastric bypass surgery is that it is a short cut and easier. So if you get fat again it was not that hard of a road to lose. Earning makes people think before they have the second or third piece of cake.


The problem with “diets” and “eating healthy” is that many overweight/diabetic (type 2) people view it as a weight loss mechanism rather than a lifestyle choice.

Don’t eat healthy to lose weight. Eat healthy because you want to give your body the proper nutrition to maintain a healthy immune system. Eat healthy to prevent cancer and other lifestyle diseases. Eat healthy to feel better overall.

It’s not expensive to eat healthy if you know how to shop properly, and I’m tired of the government/big pharma promoting drugs over eating healthy


Fat people hate being fat but fat people get fat because they lack discipline. It took me a long time to get to 370 lbs. it took hard work to consume like I did and then convince myself it was ok. It took a whole lot of work and rewiring my mind to drop the first 100. It has taken even more to drop the next 50 and keep it off. 370, 270 and 225 now. No pills, no surgeries. Just lots of changes.


That’s amazing. Congratulations.