First team to ever tank in CFB history

This is a joke of course but does this make us the first team to tank in CFB history lmao?


Actually Dimel tanked our 0 fer season. I am sure Art thanked him for it. Holgerson’s replacement will thank him for tanking this season as well …


Technically Coach Yeoman did the same thing in 1975 prior to our first SWC season.


Appreciate it, was too young back then lol

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Well Tune can sling it and Logan probably can too. Maybe it will be for the best. As long as I’m getting some value for my tickets and time I’ll be ok.


The air raid is ideal for pocket QBs. Watch we start winning.


Well, Dana has always been an innovator. Lol

We haven’t tanked until we make ESPN’s bottom 10. When do they start that, btw?


Before the first game

How do you tank if you’re already 1-3?


You can tank in a specific game that you seem to have control of or you can tank relative to the previous season or even fans expectations.

Are we in it yet?

No, but a new one should be tomorrow…



This is true. There are guys who redshirted in 2001 who could have contributed and maybe helped get a win or two that year that ended up contributing to the 2006 team as 5th year seniors.

That 0fer probably partially contributed to Dana D getting fired the next year. However, Dana H’s contract will almost certainly assure that he gets 3 years and probably at least 4 unless he has a Helton-esque first three years.

EDIT: Actually my bad, the 2001 redshirts would have been 5th year seniors in 2005. Guys who redshirted in 2002 like Battle, Gulley, Gaston, Doty, etc. when Dana got fired before the last game at 4-7 were the 5th year seniors on the 2006 conference championship team.

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CDH is not tanking this season, he is not the one who wanted King to redshirt. According to Berman’s tweets that decision was made by King and his dad before even talking with CDH. It sounds like he and Corbin really want to transfer and the only way they can do it is as grad transfers unless they want to gamble on a waiver or drop down to FCS.

Mark Berman ‏ @ MarkBermanFox26

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Eric King, father of QB D’Eriq King, confirms his son is leaving @ UHCougarFB & transfer: “It’s the best decision for him at this point. Very, very tough (decision). He’s got a lot of teammates riding on him. Sometimes you got to be a little self-centered & do what’s best for u”

12:01 PM - 23 Sep 2019 from Houston, TX

Mark Berman@MarkBermanFox26

While his father says he’s leaving @UHCougarFB, QB D’Eriq King says his decision is not final: "I’ve got to go talk to Coach Holgorsen. It’s not just me redshirting. It’s a bunch of other guys as well."

Does that sound like something CDH chose? It sure doesn’t to me.


One is the major reasons for the famous 0-11 season is because Dimel redshirted his entire class. It worked just not for him because there were a number of 5th year seniors on Briles 2006 CUSA Champs team.


You need to redshirt players especially on the oline and dline. They need time in the weight room before they are ready to play. I can see some skill players not redshirting, but if they aren’t cracking the 2 deep they are really wasting a year not redshirting.

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Athletes choose to transfer, coaches decide who redshirts. If CDH decided to redshirt these guys and they’re pissed about it, then I’d give them time to cool down and think about it. King wants a shot at the pros? He won’t get it with his performance this year. So he either chills and comes back strong next year, his best option, or he rolls the dice with another program.

One more point on this and I know the OP was a joke, but for anyone confused about the term, we aren’t actually “tanking.” Tanking is where you make decisions to lose more games in order to reap a reward as a direct result of losing those games (i.e. making personnel moves where part of the motivation is to ensure winning less games to improve draft position). So if for example, the NCAA had a rule that every team that does not make it to a bowl gets an extra 5 scholarships during the next signing period, and we redshirted a bunch of guys at least in part for the purpose of not becoming bowl eligible and picking up those extra scholarships, that would be tanking.

Comedy is usually based on truth. These guys saw they had no chance to win the conference so they asked for a do-over, or so it seems. This team has underachieved all season. There is more to this than we know. I remember when Daniel House left the basketball program and went to A&M. It was addition by subtraction. If these players are not willing to follow instructions and do what the coaches tell them, I have no issue with them being shown the door, regardless of how good they are/were. Applewhite should have banned Oliver from the locker room but did not and made a bad situation much worse. Everyone has to learn how to take and follow instructions because everyone has or will have a boss. And no one is bigger than the school. If certain folks leave now or in January, no problem. Give that scholarship to someone else who can follow directions.